In Ukraine, there is a real excitement: on the eve of the introduction of the e-prescription, residents of many cities of Ukraine, including Kyiv, began to buy medicines en masse in pharmacies, due to which huge queues appeared there.

asked the Ministry of Health of Ukraine why there was such a stir and what will actually change in the country after the introduction of e-prescription.

What exactly will change for Ukrainians on April 1 in connection with the introduction of an electronic prescription?

Currently, Ukrainians buy medicines en masse in pharmacies and stock up for a month or two.

Is it worth doing?

In fact, worries are useless.

Currently, the list of prescription drugs does not change: all drugs that were previously prescription drugs can now be obtained not only by paper prescription, but also by e-prescription.

At the same time, the paper prescription, which has been valid for years in Ukraine for prescription drugs, will continue to be valid.

The vacation rules do not change.

No additional control methods either.

In addition, the patient will be able to choose which type of prescription will be more convenient for him - electronic or paper. 

This decision is primarily related to patient safety.

No matter how common and safe prescription drugs may seem, their use carries increased risk.

Improper use of these medications can cause serious side effects, addiction, or abuse.

That is why only a doctor should prescribe them.

It is important to note that today on the market of Ukraine there is a wide range of non-prescription drugs of wide use, which are aimed at the treatment and prevention of the most common diseases.

They can still be purchased without a prescription.

But, of course, it is better to seek qualified medical help.

And for the treatment of the most common chronic diseases in Ukraine, the state reimbursement program "Affordable Medicines" is being implemented.

It works for patients with cardiovascular diseases, with chronic diseases of the lower respiratory tract, diabetes mellitus type I and II and some other diseases.

The program has been in operation for more than one year, and the drugs can be obtained free of charge and with a small additional payment according to a doctor's prescription.

What about people who do not have the opportunity to go to a doctor for a prescription for their life-long medicines?

In the case of long-term treatment of chronic diseases, if necessary to continue treatment or prevention, a repeated electronic prescription for the necessary drugs can be obtained by contacting the doctor remotely.

This is also one of the advantages of an electronic prescription.

Many pensioners, especially in villages, do not visit hospitals at all, and neighbors and relatives go to the pharmacy for them.

What will change for such people, they will not be given medicine?

First of all, changes were introduced earlier that allow paramedics in rural, remote areas to write prescriptions for drugs on paper forms.

This solution improves access to medical care and at the same time empowers junior medical professionals with medical education.

At the same time, as mentioned above, the doctor can record the patient's diagnosis and write an electronic prescription in the system - in the future, this will allow receiving medicine remotely.

So the patient or his relative will simply receive an SMS with the number and code of the prescription and will be able to repay it at the pharmacy.   

Some people say that the e-prescription should not have been launched during the war.

They predict big problems with the procurement of medicines for the military.

Is it really so? 

Military administrations, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as involved volunteer and charitable organizations can purchase prescription drugs for wartime needs in bulk directly from distributors and for this, a prescription is not required.

In addition, during the period of martial law, there will be an exception for the purchase of prescription drugs in pharmacies located within communities where active hostilities are taking place.

If necessary, such pharmacies can dispense prescription drugs (with the exception of narcotic (psychotropic) drugs, potent and poisonous substances) without a doctor's prescription.

Many doctors left Ukraine because of the war, and people write that they have not been able to find their doctor for several months, not to mention a prescription from him.

How can this problem be solved?

In fact, the prescription is not tied to the declaration with the family doctor.

It can be prescribed by any doctor of any specialization in a state, communal or private institution.

It is not necessary to look for a family doctor.

We will remind you that on Friday, March 31, photos of queues in pharmacies throughout Ukraine were published on the Internet.

People stand on the streets and buy everything in a row to spare.

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