According to Rikard Yuzwiak's sources, EU ambassadors discussed sanctions against Belarus yesterday, March 30, but so far the discussions have stopped on the issue of the possibility of lifting sanctions against Belarusian potash fertilizers, and the solution to this issue is also not moving.

As for sanctions in connection with the possible placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus, no new proposals have yet been received, Yuzviak told Svaboda.

Now a number of European countries are trying to convince the European Commission of the need to loosen sanctions against official Minsk, in particular, to remove them from fertilizer producers.

According to Rikard Yuzviak, Western European countries — Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France — are supporting the removal of Belarusian potash fertilizers from the sanctions.

It is proposed to include Belarus, along with Russia, in the sanctions clause, which, as an exception, allows the transportation of fertilizers to third countries in the event that they will be used for growing food products.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda recently stated that Lithuania "will not give in to pressure to ease sanctions against the Belarusian regime", and added that the countries of Northern Europe and Lithuania's Baltic neighbors are also against the easing of sanctions.