In Ukraine, from April 1, prescription drugs will be sold in pharmacies with an electronic prescription, and not only with a paper one.

The innovation will cover about 60% of all medicinal products registered in Ukraine that require a doctor's prescription.

The rest of the medicines that do not require a doctor's prescription will continue to be sold without a special prescription.

What medicines will be sold by electronic prescription

The Ministry of Health has reminded which medicines can be sold only on a doctor's prescription.

In particular, it is:

  • antibiotics;

  • anticonvulsants;

  • hormonal drugs (including contraceptives);

  • drugs for the treatment of blood pressure, heart diseases;

  • some anthelmintic drugs;

  • some antihistamines;

  • blood thinners;

  • antidepressants, neuroleptics and relaxants;

  • steroid medicines;

  • some medicines against pain, cough, sedatives.

To find out whether a particular drug is prescription, it is enough to check the instructions of the drug, which should contain comprehensive information about medical use and conditions of release.

You can find the instructions for the desired drug by using the services of online pharmacies or the website of the State Register of Medicinal Products of Ukraine.

The main advantage of e-prescriptions

As noted by the Ministry of Health, the absolute advantage of an e-prescription is that, unlike a paper prescription, you do not need to visit a doctor every time to get a prescription for medicine.

This can be done remotely.

A repeat e-prescription for medication can be obtained remotely if your treatment is long-term, you have a chronic disease or if you need to extend the course of treatment. 

For this, the diagnosis and the first appointment from your attending physician must be recorded in the system.

So prescriptions will always be available on your smartphone.

Myths and truth about e-prescriptions

The Ministry of Health also answered the main questions about e-prescriptions and debunked some common myths:


: All medications will now require a prescription.


: No, a prescription is only required for prescription drugs.

The Ministry of Health does not change the list and conditions of dispensing prescription drugs.

All medicines, which were previously subject to a doctor's prescription, can now be purchased not only by paper, but also by electronic prescription.


: Prescription drugs will be dispensed exclusively by e-prescription.


: No, medicine can be purchased both by paper and e-prescription.

At the same time, the e-prescription has a number of advantages over a paper form, and is therefore more convenient, in particular, when taking medications regularly.


: In the absence of light, it will be impossible to get a prescription for medicine.


: In the absence of light, the doctor will write you a paper prescription.

During the transition period during martial law, pharmacies are required to use both electronic and paper prescriptions.


: These are not necessary changes during wartime.


: Prescription drugs should always be dispensed by a doctor's prescription, this requirement is not new, since April only an additional tool has been added - an e-prescription.

E-prescription will be introduced gradually with the possibility of using paper prescription forms.


: Many IDPs will not be able to get medicine because they have lost access to their family doctors.


: You do not need to have a declaration from your family doctor to get an electronic prescription.

Any doctor who is responsible for your treatment - a surgeon, therapist, cardiologist or oncologist - can write a prescription for a prescription drug.


: Now it will be impossible to get medicine, because the doctor's appointment is several days ahead.


: If you feel unwell, be sure to see a doctor.

The doctor will be able to assess your state of health, conduct a clinical diagnosis and prescribe a treatment that will be effective and safe for you.

And you can get all repeated prescriptions for the necessary medicines remotely.

In case of emergency, the patient can also call an ambulance.

Do not avoid or delay treatment.


: Now doctors will only prescribe expensive drugs.


: In fact, the electronic prescription does not contain the trade names of the drugs, but only the international non-proprietary name, in other words, the active substance.

So you will be able to make your own decision about the brand of medicine with the appropriate substance, according to your budget.

Neither the doctor nor the pharmacist will be able to influence your choice.


: It will now be impossible to get blood pressure/allergy/pain medication without a prescription.


: If this drug, according to the instructions, can only be dispensed with a doctor's prescription, then a prescription is really needed.

However, this is not a new norm, the Ministry of Health does not change the rules for dispensing medicines.

At the same time, you can always get a recommendation from a pharmacist regarding over-the-counter analogues of the mentioned drugs, or even better - contact a doctor who will prescribe you an effective treatment.


: It is inconvenient for patients who have chronic diseases.


: With the introduction of e-prescription, it is not necessary to go to the doctor's appointment every time in order to get a prescription for medicine.

This can be done in particular remotely.

Medication prescriptions will always be available on your smartphone.

This is another advantage of an electronic prescription over a paper one.


: Now it will be impossible to buy even ordinary ethyl alcohol without a prescription.


: Indeed, there are certain restrictions on the release of alcohol solutions.

However, in the assortment of pharmacies, you can find packages that are not subject to prescription.

There are options available in a different volume, or there are other antiseptics that can be freely purchased at the pharmacy.


: Combined oral contraceptives and emergency contraceptives are now available by prescription.


: Most all hormone-containing drugs are prescription drugs in many countries of the world, as they can have a serious effect on a woman's hormonal health and well-being.

That is why their use should be monitored by a medical specialist.

This norm is not new and is a common world practice.

In the case of long-term use of COCs, the doctor can write a prescription for the medicine remotely, which will significantly simplify the prescribing process.


: Now it will be impossible to buy medicine for animals in a regular pharmacy.


: No additional changes or restrictions regarding the release of medicinal products for animals are foreseen.

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