The logic of the new concept of Russian foreign policy reflects revolutionary developments in international affairs.

According to APA's Moscow correspondent, this was said by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Speaking at the meeting of the permanent members of the Russian Security Council under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, Lavrov said that in the new foreign policy concept, the USA was named the main initiator and guide of the anti-Russian line.

According to him, the readiness of the Russian Federation to adhere to the principle of indivisibility of security in the updated foreign policy concept is declared only on a mutual basis.

"The new foreign policy concept of Russia focuses on polycentricity and sovereign equality of states. The updated foreign policy concept states the thesis of using armed forces to repel or prevent an attack on the Russian Federation or its allies. The new concept includes symmetrical and asymmetrical responses to threats against Russia. "In the new foreign policy concept, it is also mentioned that, if necessary, the anti-Russian steps of unfriendly countries will be strictly prevented," added the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.