Relax and enjoy the summer with a touch of Nordic sauna culture when IKEA Thailand launches its latest collection.


Together with Marimekko

that many people have been waiting for.

With a variety of home decoration items including furniture, glassware, textiles in patterns inspired by nature.

Revealing a simple aesthetic, you will fall in love with a moment of relaxation and self-care more than ever.

Waruntorn Techakunakorn, marketing and design director, IKEA Thailand, said that the BASTUA collection

It is the first collaboration between IKEA and Marimekko.

lifestyle brand from finland

Inspired by sauna culture and Nordic leisure time, the word 'BASTUA' is the term for a sauna in Smalland.

This is part of the southern region of Sweden where the IKEA brand was born.

The products in this collection are printed with bright patterns and selected for interesting weaving methods.

whether it is a large rhubarb leaf pattern

This is a tree that often grows in sauna cabins in Scandinavia.

Curved wooden pattern in the sauna

as well as the pattern that represents the movement of the water surface reflecting the sunlight in the summer, all this in order to invite everyone to pay attention to the aesthetics of living.

It reinforces IKEA's mission of bringing happiness and creating a better everyday life for people.

which can be easily started at your own home

For the Bastua collection, there are kimonos, water bottles, tote bags, and more, with 4 main patterns: rhubarb leaves (Raparperi), flowers and steam (Höyrykukka), and wood (Pötkö) that convey relaxation and rejuvenation. after sauna

and curved wood grain

The Puuleikkaus looks like a sunlit horizon seen from a summer sauna resort.

Available at IKEA Bangna, IKEA Bang Yai and IKEA Phuket stores and online.