KMT Taipei City Councilor Li Yanxiu won the most votes in Ganghu District Councilors last year and announced his participation in the 2024 Legislative Election.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yahua)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] Several incumbent members of the Kuomintang expressed their commitment to the 2024 legislative primary election. Li Yanxiu, who won the highest number of votes in the parliamentary election of Nangang Neihu District, Taipei City last year, announced his candidacy this morning to challenge the DPP Current legislators Gao Jiayu and Li Yanxiu said that Ganghu is the benchmark constituency for 2024 legislators, and only by winning the hearts of the people can they have a chance of "more than half of the Congress."

Li Yanxiu issued a statement on her election campaign on Facebook, saying, "At the beginning of the heart, the heart of the people, the heart of Hong Kong and Lakes! Win a key seat for Taiwan!" In January 2020, she also suffered setbacks in the political tsunami. In 2021, a sudden serious illness, It made her frustrated and confused, shutting herself at home for a long time, tidying up every corner of the house and tidying up her chaotic thoughts.

Li Yanxiu mentioned that one day, while tidying up the bookshelves, she accidentally found a small note from a book that she hadn’t read for a long time. It was left to her by her deceased father when she was running for parliament for the first time 24 years ago. Handwritten handwriting, "Always keep the original heart, treat each day as the first day, and never forget the entrustment of the folks in Hong Kong and Hu."

Li Yanxiu said that being ill changed her "angle of view on life". No matter where she was, she returned to the original point and her original heart. The most precious gift is Yanxiu's eternal promise to Ganghu.

Li Yanxiu pointed out that in the past 8 years, the DPP has seen the dictatorship and arrogance, contempt for public opinion, and even crushed public opinion with the majority of Congress, despised the checks and balances of democratic politics, and sent black hands deep into supervision, examination, judiciary, media, civic groups, and even independent agencies; State resources are used to support the cyber army, captive media, persecute press freedom, suppress freedom of speech, use state apparatus and judicial resources to attack opposition parties, and persecute political competitors.

Li Yanxiu said, why can Tsai Ing-wen be so arrogant?

Can the Democratic Progressive Party be so arrogant?

"We were exposed to the sun and rain on the streets, resisted, signed, and preached; we fought hoarsely and bloodyly in the assembly hall, but we still lost to the majority of the DPP's violence. "Win the hearts of the people, return to power, and have more than half of the Congress," we guide the DPP Going against the grain is the only way to get Taiwan back on track.

Li Yanxiu said that she would like to report to all Hong Kong and Hu folks and good friends that she decided to participate in the 2024 Ganghu Legislative Election "Chinese Kuomintang Primary Election".

Ganghu is the target constituency for the 2024 legislators. Only by winning the hearts of the people can there be a chance of "more than half of the Congress"; if you win Ganghu, you will have the opportunity to show goodness. is forever home.

Li Yanxiu mentioned that in the Legislative Yuan in the past, at the lowest moment in 2016, she took over as the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of the Party Committee and fought side by side with her partners in the Legislative Yuan to reflect public opinion, revive morale, and lay a solid foundation for 2018.

When she returns to the Legislative Yuan in the future, she must, as in the past, use sincerity, professionalism and action as a bridge between the central government and the local government, strive for the most resources for Hong Kong and Lake to build the local area, and bravely speak out to show public opinion. It is her prudent decision to participate in the 2024 legislative election. It is a solemn promise.