Soldiers of the 24th brigade are forced to evacuate the residents of Bakhmut, who only now decided to leave the devastated city.

This road is extremely dangerous.

People often refuse to evacuate when they are already coming for them and are most wary - they will remain on the street useless to anyone, says TSN. 

On one of the outskirts of Bakhmut, after many months in the basement, local residents agreed to leave their dilapidated building.

As long as the fighters can deliver them to the nearby Chasovoy Yar - also a battered small town in the Bakhmut district - under normal conditions, before the invasion, this route could be covered by car in 15 minutes.

Now the road is extremely dangerous, and even in the Temporal Ravine itself, you can hardly find an entire building.

There is still an artillery war here, a constant thud of departures and arrivals.

Fighters of the Royal 24th Brigade are convincing that this should not happen, people should be taken out.

"They are in places where there is a sweat, so their presence is not desirable at all," - say the fighters. 

Fighters watch this evacuation from a drone - how people drag the remnants of what they have earned all their lives - clumps, bags, bags and a sheepskin.

Next, the most difficult thing is to get there.

Already in a safer area, the forced migrants leave the armored capsule to loud sounds.

"They refuse to leave, they sit until the last, and when a powerful shelling begins, they say: "That's it, we're leaving," and when the shelling is over: "That's all, we're leaving," the fighters talk about the difficulties of evacuating. 

It is not easy to persuade people.

"They don't want to abandon houses that are not left.

I don't know, I don't understand.

They have a chance to leave.

Everyone has their own idea," said the military. 

It is unclear how and when the displaced persons from Bakhmut will be able to return.

As long as they have a road to Kostyantynivka, the shelling will not stop there either, but they will be able to go further or stay in a shelter - in a shelter where there are beds, clean bed linen, where you can wash and eat regular hot food.

Hell is behind.

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