In the realm of competition, no one is willing to "swallow blood" anyway.

It's not strange, the proposal of Mr. Yongyut Tiyapairat, Pheu Chart Party's adviser.

Former confidant of "Tony" Thaksin Shinawatra during the power of the Thai Rak Thai government.

that asks parents with authority

"Swallow a small piece of blood" like the former prime minister willing to swallow blood. Come back "to prison" to clean all the knots.

No one has yet responded to the retreat game, cue "raise your hand to surrender" of the former Prime Minister.

Focus only on those with legal authority in the country.

On the opposite side, like "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, promptly brushed off, "Whoever says something, says it.

But I'm not a conflict either.”

Let's talk about the game, according to karma, something like that.

That should be one signal that makes "Thaksin" still have to wait for the green light.

when the security checkpoint is still locked

And it's not surprising that the "major plaintiff" of an authority over 20 years will be charged with "no trust" because of the type of fight back and forth.

Accidentally, it's at the end of the alley like "Thaksin".

At this time, things started to lock in the formula for Thailand to slide through, "Thaksin" began to return to the original body.

Chasing crushes in all directions, both undervalued "Big Fort" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Palang Pracharat Party

If Landslide agreed to give the leadership chair to him, "That's stupid," ridiculing the coalition party, taking a long step, "like a Democrat," smashing the old camp again.

Plus, before this, I chased Bie.

Book a shift for those who break out of the Pheu Thai camp in the past.

Not surprisingly, the force of the power pole was shocked.

"Thaksin's regime" implicitly catalyzes the "resistance to ravages" reaction

Another signal still affects the network, especially with "Srettha Thavisin" as a candidate for Prime Minister.

Even with a good shape, the type of name began to enter the survey chart, the latest "magnate poll" 200 CEOs raised to the podium.

Rating business people like number 1

But it comes with every fortune

Partly because of the impulse from P' Tony calling guests

The opposition began to move.

The history log was excavated.

Both land business, property, old relationship

The unfolding singer doesn't tell his affiliation.

But saw the shadow when he knew that the side had gathered in front of each other

abnormal alarm signal

The young star is about to be kicked off the leg in waves.

That's not counting the whole picture.

The alliance began to disappear.

Both from the opening of the game quickly, shaking hands with Pracharath Palang Phumjaithai, negotiating the balance bar "Land Slide", and small parties began to fear being "underdogs" for "Tony"

enemy accumulation

more than making friends

Even if it's necessary in the rush to spin the numbers

But it has a reverse effect.

That's no different from "Big Tu" and the leaders of Thai Sang Nation.

Hao Peng, as well as those who are fed up because "do not take them"

Before the election, many camps, besides the "big boss", also disgusted with "uncle, little brother, 3 years old."

Different from the gesture of "Big Brother" like "Big Fort", pierced through, raised the chapter to overcome the conflict

make no enemies

The type of person who will break out of the camp, no matter

Who came to welcome all

Even the minor parties that had backed the government heeded it.

Recently, the camp "Conservation of the Forest of Thailand", a new phase, has "Prasert Aphipunya", former deputy secretary-general of the NBTC, as the party's leader, pulling "Mark Pitbull" Natchapol Suphatana with a best-selling chapter. Tag Team Hunt cheat

Bie the process of devouring the forest

Small camp, but if you get points into the council

Announced early in the day

I would like to enter the shadow of the power of Uncle Ban Pa.

even the economic team

Other parties are looking for tricks to show and sell to be busy, but the PPP of "Big Pom", a well-known, well-profile party, even "Dr. Mam" Narumon Pinyosinwat

Even if there is a touch, still settle down.

being a helping mother

PPP in full force

Even though they are worried about their teeth, but the "Tiger Shepherd" like "Uncle Pom" can handle it.

in a clear political rhythm

both former leaders and leaders

Beginning to move and run for loose poles in the wing of the original ruling coalition.

In addition to the land slide formula beams for Thai

On the other hand, uncles and uncles, brothers and sisters are in good spirits, but "Ruam Thai Sang Chart" is still adrift, being treated as a "filler".

New power grabbing game situation

Today, although the power of the state

Still not scorching enough to pierce through the prime minister's chair, but "Big Fort" controls the game to lock the power formula.

coordinate all parties

roast many face cards

If the "Thaksin" affiliate camp gets points that are not landslide, the "Big Tu" party just climbs to the middle level.

The other parties were evenly matched.

The news escaped from the rice band.

Discuss the prime minister's chair

"Who has more

Take it." If counting the variables, Ban Pa Sen.

It's strange that "Big Pom" would ask for some sweet dreams.

political news team