The police seized a man surnamed Lin (left) who was wanted in the case of stabbing people in a restaurant and tavern in Beishi City.

(Picture provided by the police)

[Reporter Zhou Minhong/Taoyuan Report] A man surnamed Lin involved in a stabbing case in a restaurant and tavern in the East District of Taipei City in the early morning of the 22nd was also wanted for violating the Money Laundering Prevention Act and the Organized Crime Prevention Regulations. Guishan Police, Taoyuan City Inspector Wu Chongwei of the Tai Po Police Station of the sub-bureau obtained information at 9:00 a.m. on the 30th and successfully arrested him.

Lin Nan (22 years old) was walking past Wenchang 1st Street, Guishan District, Wu Chongwei, who knew that Lin Nan was there, felt that he was suspicious, so he approached him to interrogate him. Like, he had to admit that he was wanted.

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In addition to being wanted for violating the 9 Articles of the Money Laundering Prevention Act, Organized Crime Regulations, Fraud, Traffic Injury, Drug Prevention Regulations, Hit and Run, etc., Lin Nan was also suspected of going to a restaurant in East District of Taipei City in the early morning of the 22nd to hack and kill food. The shareholder of the tavern, fortunately the victim's life is not in danger.

The police have transferred Lin Nan to the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office for investigation.