Zhang Zheyu, a social worker at Lanxin Maternity and Children's Center, has full enthusiasm for social work and won the "Best Newcomer Award" in Yilan County.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)

[Reporter Cai Yunrong/Yilan Report] Social Worker’s Day is approaching on April 2. The Yilan County Government today commended 26 social workers and 2 cooperating partners. Zhang Zheyu, who won the Best Newcomer Award, said that it is an honor to win the award and hopes that she will not Forget your original intention, keep your enthusiasm, and continue to be a social worker.

The award-winning partner and lawyer Zeng Peiwen said that the experience of the case is very sad, but as a lawyer, sometimes you have to withdraw from your emotions to help find objective evidence that is beneficial to the victim.

A total of 7 social workers won the "Best Newcomer Award", You Peiyun, Chen Wenjun, Wu Youxuan, Zhang Zheyu, Zhang Jiaen, Huang Dinglun and You Baiqiao.

Zhang Zheyu from Lanxin Maternity and Child Center has accumulated 3 years of social work experience, and is responsible for women who are victims of domestic violence and intimate relationships.

"This (social work) is what I like to do." Zhang Zheyu wanted to help people since she was a child, so she developed into a social worker when she grew up. She tried her best to accompany the case and connect with legal, economic and other resources. She hoped that she could help, even if it was only a little bit. After the cases received assistance, "I can feel their gratitude and smiles." She said frankly that in the face of difficult cases, social workers also need to adjust their bodies and minds, so try to separate work and holidays, and go out more for activities and mountain climbing during vacations. I don't forget my original intention, keep my enthusiasm, and continue to be a social worker.

There are 11 social workers in the "Service Excellence Award", Chen Zhihan, Liao Peishan, Zhang Kefeng, You Zhexin, Sa Ziqian, Tian Huiling, Huang Yuting, Guo Tingjun, Lin Weiting, Li Yizhen and Zheng Yiping.

There are 8 social workers in the "Senior Dedication Award", Huang Ziming, You Mingzhang, Li Wanci, Liu Yawen, Huang Yingfang, Lu Yixiu, Chen Xiaohui and Wu Yijing.

Huang Ziming, a social worker at Luodong Pok Oi Hospital, accompanies end-of-life patients and their families, and provides financial, funeral resources, welfare referrals, etc., often facing life and death.

He said emotionally that sadness is a normal emotion, and patients and family members taught him the truth of life, allowing him to gradually understand how to accompany other patients and family members and go through the low tide of sadness together.

The "Social Welfare Partner Award" was awarded by Zeng Peiwen and the Taiwan Yilan Branch of the Crime Victims Protection Association.

Zeng Peiwen has devoted 12 years to the judicial rights and interests of individual cases in the county government. When interviewing a case, she always explains it carefully to make the case understand.

Zeng Peiwen said humbly that she was very grateful for the recognition, but also very embarrassed, because the front-line social workers had to face the needs of the case more directly, even the danger and emotional pressure, which is admirable. I hope the outside world will give more applause to the social workers.

Lawyer Zeng Peiwen accompanied the case carefully and provided legal assistance, and was awarded the "Social Welfare Partner Award" by Yilan County.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)

Huang Ziming, a social worker of Luodong Pok Oi Hospital, was awarded the "Senior Dedication Award" by Yilan County.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)

Yilan County Government commended 26 social workers and 2 cooperating partners.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yunrong)