On Thursday, March 31, the Turkish parliament passed a decision on Finland's accession to NATO.

Turkey was the last among the 30 members of the Alliance to ratify the Scandinavian country's membership in the military-political bloc.    

This was reported by the Reuters agency. 

Turkey has so far delayed approving Sweden's bid for NATO membership, which Ankara says has not achieved enough in the fight against Kurdish militants.

As it turns out, the Alliance expanded for the first time since North Macedonia joined it in 2020. 

We will remind, on March 27, the Parliament of Hungary voted for the accession of Finland to NATO.

The decision was supported by 182 out of 188 deputies.

We also reported that Denmark received a task from NATO to create a heavy infantry brigade.

But this process is currently delayed due to the fact that the state transferred 19 Caesar self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine.

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