To increase the transportation capacity in the Taitung area, Liu Chaohao strives to add 3 new EMU3000 Ziqiang trains between Taipei and Taitung, which will start operation on April 26.

(Provided by Liu Chaohao Service Center)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] To increase the transport capacity in the Taitung area, legislator Liu Chaohao tried his best to fight for additional trains from Taiwan Railways, and was approved to add 3 EMU3000 Ziqiang trains to and from Taitung, and the original 407 Chailian Ziqiang trains Changed to the EMU3000 model, and started operation on April 26; Liu Chaohao said that in response to the successive deliveries of Taiwan Railways' newly purchased EMU3000 vehicles for operation on the eastern trunk line, he hopes to increase the transport capacity and improve the overall service quality. Book online 3 weeks in advance.

Liu Chaohao said that Taiwan Railways purchased new intercity vehicles EMU3000, a total of 50 groups (12 vehicles per group), and he strives to give priority to putting them into operation in Taitung, and the first flight to Taitung will be officially put into operation on December 26, 2021.

As new cars are being delivered year by year, the Taiwan Bureau plans to replace old models such as the Chai Lian Ziqiang, and then review the number of new cars in the future.

In order to increase the transport capacity in the Taitung area, he proposed to the Taiwan Railway to increase the Taitung-Taipei 423 trains, Taipei-Taidong 428 and 442 trains, and replace the Taitung-Taipei 407 trains with EMU3000 new trains to improve the overall transport capacity. And to promote service quality, the Taiwan Railway Bureau announced that it will start operations on April 26.

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Liu Chaohao said that the new train number 423 from Taitung to Taipei departs from Taitung Station at 1 pm every day and arrives at Taipei Station at 5:50; the train number 428 from Taipei to Taitung departs from Taipei Station at 2 pm every day, 6 Arrive at Taitung Station at 30:30; Train 442 departs from Taipei Station at 5:09 pm every day and arrives at Taitung Station at 9:33 pm.

After the Taitung-Taipei train number 407 is changed from diesel to EMU3000, the time is adjusted to depart from Taitung Station at 6:45 am and arrive at Taipei Station at 11:15 am, shortening the travel time. For information about the stops, please visit Taiwan Railway. Bureau web page query.