A town in Burundi, West Africa, has been placed under quarantine after an outbreak of an unknown virus that causes nosebleeds.

The country's health officials say they have already ruled out Ebola and Marburg.

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The mysterious virus causes symptoms such as fever, headache, dizziness and vomiting.

It is reported that the district of Baziro was closed for quarantine after two infected people were transferred there for treatment.

A nurse at Migwa Medical Center said the disease "kills quickly", with all three deaths occurring within 24 hours of the patient's symptoms.

Burundi's Ministry of Health is closely studying the virus.

This comes after neighboring Tanzania

announced an outbreak of

Marburg disease in early March, and the World Health Organization declared a very high risk for neighboring countries.

Last July, doctors were sent to Burundi to investigate a mysterious "nosebleed" in southern Tanzania that killed three people.

We will remind, in Brazil, a 36-year-old woman

was buried alive in a tomb


She was taken to a local hospital with serious head injuries.

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