Defense Minister of Ukraine Reznikov announced a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces during April-May.

Volodymyr Badiyan, an astrologer, palmist and specialist in the Vastu-shastra system of architectural planning, told in an exclusive interview with which dates of the coming months will be favorable for the promotion of the Armed Forces. 

"The strongest month for promotion should be April, it will be after Easter - April 21-22. Some moments will even be on April 5. We have opportunities, so there will be conquests. Putin does everything he says, nuclear manipulation continues. He will go to the end while he lives. But he is alone. No one really supports him, even though they buy oil from him. The war must end suddenly. It will just go away. In 2024 we will enter a coalition. This is the only way out for Ukraine for now. Sooner or later China will come here later. It may also happen that we unite with Russia against China. Sooner or later, China will have its claims on everything. We can still see it. In April, some sudden death or some accident may happen," - believes Badian. 

The astrologer added that negotiations with Russia may begin in spring or autumn. 

"In any case, it will be something important that will affect Putin's decision. There may be problems with his health or someone from his entourage. The second point is that we will have some important victory. The negotiations will begin either this spring or in the fall . But the end of the war will be a little later. The second scenario - even if Putin does not stay, we will not have peace if we are left alone with Russia. Russia has such a mentality and twisted history, they have 100 percent understanding that Ukraine - this is Russia. It will go on until we have nuclear weapons or a coalition. But I don't see a coalition tomorrow. NATO is not helping and is not going to help. We will have a coalition of those states that are interested. It will be such a belt between Russia and Europe. The first country that is interested is Poland," the astrologer believes. 

Let us remind you that dangerous military events await Ukraine in May 2023 - such a forecast was made by astrologer Valentina Wittrock.

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