Decoding Morse, Pheu Thai Party's Land Slide Strategy

that sends signals across the year

Originally set a target of 250 seats before moving to 310 seats to defeat the power of the coup that inherited power through the constitution and asked to be the leader in forming a government after the election.

but did not cause panic to political opponents

Because political currents are only 1 of 5 important factors leading to the finish line of power, according to

Ajarn Suwicha Pao-Aree,

an expert in politics and development strategies.

and Director of the Nida Poll Opinion Center

Determine the 4 key indicators that lead to victory, which are currents – policies – individuals – political resources.

Let me add another important factor, namely state power, which is a powerful jigsaw that connects

Flow – Policy – ​​Person – Political Resources

leading to a successful auction of power in each constituency

which had happened before in the era of the Thai Rak Thai Party under power

Create a new page in political history

Successfully formed a one-party government with 377 votes.

State power–big house–political resources

Three coordinates must be used to successfully bid for power in that constituency.

Especially the system of 2 ballot papers, assorted numbers, the first ballot to choose the party.

The second card selects MPs for districts,

the three-coordinated formula completes the elements to achieve the goal.

But the Pheu Thai Party lacks state power.

Causing candidates for Nok Lae MPs to have a tight base in the area

or senior politicians who do not work in the House of Representatives

High chance of failing the exam

Today, the Pheu Thai Party still faces a spear on the side of

the Kao Klai Party,


Pita Limcharoenrat

leading the army, joining forces with

Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul


Pannika Vanich,

leaders of the Progressive Party.

Accelerate to collect as many points in the same basket as possible.

Politically, money is money.

have brain use brain

There is no money and the brain has to fight and exert many times more.

The Progressive Party is in a small premium network.

Preparing to give out red packets to candidates

MPs across the country allocate 500,000 baht per person, less than what the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) has set a ceiling on expenses of 1.9 million baht per person, unlike the sky and the abyss that many political parties use.

Wufu Political Resources

is the origin of the strategy

Walk and make a speech against Patang

under the air war strategy

Awakening from the central

The orange knight leaders are diligent in going to the area together with MP candidates in various districts by giving a speech to highlight the selling point, choosing to move far away from Thailand, not the same.

and complete the political situation

Spell local fans

Of course, apart from Prayut's Pachada regime, he had to slap his friend, the Pheu Thai Party, too.

in order to jump from the 2nd place poll to the 1st place. How strong is the Kao Far Party shaking the Pheu Thai Party?

The land slide became more and more a dream.

Affects the return to Thailand of

former Prime Minister

Thaksin Shinawatra.

Spiritual leader, Pheu Thai Party member

To move ideas every week to emphasize the society's belief

"Traveling back to Thailand

to come to prison”

, implying that the society could only see

“I told my daughter not to allow the Pheu Thai Party to issue an amnesty law in parliament.

I don't want to.

But did not tell the complete conditions of the process to the society that

After returning to prison and not using the mechanism of the council to issue amnesty laws for himself

How to continue to fight according to the justice process?

The condition here is the answer that

The War Room in the Pheu Thai Party is still trying to exert its inner power to push the mountain to fill the sea and pave the way for the land slide.

As of today, if the Pheu Thai Party is confident that the Land Slide has a real miracle

should show the fans that

Do not ask for the service of

Senators support candidates for Prime Minister Pheu Thai Party

To help elect to be the 30th Prime Minister and the 30th Prime Minister must only come from Pheu Thai Party's prime ministerial candidates.

"Oriental Storm"