Longjin Elementary School in Taichung is an old Haixian school. The school gate was renovated with wavy lines and ocean elements, and it was named "Relish".

(Provided by Longjin Elementary School)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] Longjin Elementary School in Taichung City is a century-old school in the Longjing area. In order to make the campus more lively and energetic, the school refurbished the school gate and named it "Relish", using the shape of waves to highlight the characteristics of the school in the seaside area. Paired with two projection lights on the gateposts of the school gate, they shine directly into the sky, symbolizing that the two Wenchang pens light up the bright future of the students. We look forward to Longjin Elementary School becoming a good place for local people to talk about.

Principal Zhong Xinnan explained that Longjin Elementary School just completed its centennial celebration last year, and the school’s teaching building "Longjin Building" will be completed in 2020. In line with the demolition and reconstruction project of the old school building, the school and the architect Discussion, with the tonal elements of the ocean in the new school building, colorful colors and wavy lines are used to show the lively image of the school gate welcoming children to learn happily.

Zhong Xinnan pointed out that "Jinjin" means full of interest, and "Le Dao" expresses his love for sharing. He named the school gate as "Jinjin Ledao", hoping that the children of Longjin Elementary School will perform in all aspects and become the neighbors and the Haixian area. Everyone praises A good school will recreate the splendor of the next century.