A fire broke out at a resource recycling plant near the border between Guanmiao District and Kaohsiung City in Tainan City, and a lot of smoke rose from the scene.

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[Reporter Liu Wanjun/Tainan Report] A fire alarm was reported at a resource recycling plant on Nanxiong South Road, Guanmiao District, Tainan City this afternoon (30th), and a large amount of black smoke was emitted from the scene. The Tainan City Fire Department has arrived at the scene and is carrying out rescue operations.

At around 1:50 this afternoon, the Tainan City Fire Department received a report from Kaohsiung City that there was a fire at a resource recovery plant on Nanxiong South Road, Guanmiao District, and immediately dispatched 14 vehicles and 30 people from the Guanmiao Unit to put out the fire. Soaring, followed by more than 10 units including Rende and Baoxi to support.

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The resource recovery plant is located near the border between Tainan and Kaohsiung, and the Alian Division of the Kaohsiung City Fire Department also sent personnel to rescue it.