The latest special exhibition of the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, "Hei Mao Mao Dreaming in Wonderland", was planned and exhibited by domestic wood carving creators based on the idea of ​​2023, the Year of the Black Rabbit.

(Provided by Miaoli County Government)

[Reporter Peng Jianli/Miaoli Report] The Ching Ming holiday is coming soon. Miaoli County Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Miaoli Special Museum and Ceramics Museum will be open every day from April 1st to 5th.

To celebrate Children's Day, the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum welcomes children under the age of 12 to enter the museum for free on April 4; the Miaoli Specialty Museum and Ceramics Museum also arranges hand-made experiences such as drawing, kneading pottery, and flower art.

The Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum launched the latest special exhibition "Hei Mao Mao Dreaming in Wonderland". Members of the Taiwan Wood Sculpture Association took the year of Kuimao in 2023, which is the Year of the Black Rabbit, to plan and exhibit four statues of gods and Buddhas, figures, animals, and abstractions. A series of woodcarving works, and the Sanyi Woodcarving Association members' joint exhibition "Wood Love and Mountain Art", the woodcarving masters and rookies draw from the natural and cultural environment of Sanyi, and show their perception of nature and human life through the creation of woodcarving images, creating works Exudes a natural and gentle style.

Manufacturers stationed in the Miaoli Special Pavilion Park gather the two major brands of Miaoli County Farmers Association and Gongguan Township Farmers Association, pottery workshops, small farmers, and tourism operators. They exhibit and sell agricultural special products, daily pottery, and experience courses for visitors to make by hand. Pottery, create unique utensils, suitable for family and children to play together.

The Ceramics Museum in the park is now exhibiting "Miaoli County Woodburning Ceramic Art Creation Association "Yi Partner" Member Works Exhibition", from April 1st to 5th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, arrange Liu Xiuying, Wu Wenying, Chen Yuancang, Su Rongyu , Yang Jie and other five pottery teachers came to the park to perform pottery, flower or tea art.