Suppose to calculate

the number of seats in the House of Representatives

of each political party.

Both district and roster

The party that won fewer than 50 candidate seats

Party-list MPs in a safe order should be between 1-10. More than 50 seats but not more than 100 seats will be between 1-20. These numbers may be slightly inaccurate.

Depending on the party score that the public voted for on average, more than 300,000 points,

one party-list MP would be ranked.

MPs are therefore very important to party personnel, who want to stay in a safe distance. For example, the average vote of 350,000 points per 1 party-list MP will get 10 million votes.

28 party-list MPs, ranks 1-28, considered the safest distance.

Pay attention to the parties that are still not confident in

the number of MPs and the party's votes that will be received.

There is also an irrational roster allocation which may not be consistent.

For example, this field selected

This MP, this party

But another ballot may go to choose a party other than the party that MPs are affiliated with, concluding that in each constituency may choose MPs and choose different parties.

Therefore, the assumption that

This person will be a candidate for Prime Minister of that party.

Therefore, it comes from the prediction that

Which party will get the seat?

MPs came in the most

not directly electing the prime minister

But the electoral law requires specifying the person who will be the prime minister of each party.

Politics, not more than three people per party, just in case.

But because Thailand is more complicated than that.

In addition to relying on the majority of MPs

to vote for the prime minister in the council

The majority in the House of Representatives does not stipulate that they must be of the same party.

Be the opposition of the government,

there are still 250 senators

who have the right to vote for the prime minister.

Opportunity to form a one-party government

Even if he gets more than half of the MPs, that is, more than 250 votes, but the vote to elect the Prime Minister in the House must be more than half.

Of the members of both the House, both the senator and the senator together,

that is, must be more than half of the 750 votes

or must have more than 375 votes,

get 250 votes, still lack 125 votes or more

The mission of a political party that aims to be the leader of the government and the prime minister must be split into two issues.

Which makes it possible to receive different privileges between conservative and polar opposite political parties, according to the polling office,

Phae Thongtarn Shinawatra,

the head of the Pheu Thai family, and

Pita Limcharoenrat.

far-reaching party leader

Competing for the position of Prime Minister, the

Pheu Thai

Party's popularity is still overwhelming, followed by

a far-reaching step

, possibly because

Thai people want to see change.

But there is still belief that the person who will compete for the Prime Minister will be

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha


Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan

go against the popular vote of the party that is far from Pheu Thai and moves far.

The only reason is that 250 senators spread their nets and wait in the council.

The fact that

Pheu Thai


Go Far

will be able to pass through this level

must find a safe space

(Getting support from the senators) It is inevitable that there must be a mixture of

the power of Pracharath


the combination of Thai Sang Nation

with the Conservative Party having to set goals within a safe distance if it gets less than 25 MPs. It's equal to closing your own account, but the formula that hasn't been mentioned yet is for Thai people joining hands with the long way.

This recipe is a single roll.

iron fist