The Security Service of Ukraine

reported the suspicion to Oleksandr Neradko, the head of Rosaviatsia, who provided civilian planes for the transfer of Russian military personnel to Ukraine.

This is stated in


press service of the SBU.

The message indicates that SBU employees have collected enough evidence that the head of Rosaviatsia Oleksandr Neradko helped transfer Russian military personnel to the temporarily occupied Crimea and to the state border with other regions of Ukraine with the help of civilian planes.

"For this, he involved four Russian airlines, which provided their planes for the transportation of personnel, weapons and the enemy," the report says.

The investigation established that from September to November 2022, with the help of Neradko, Russia transported about 3,000 Russian soldiers and a large amount of ammunition.

In the future, the transferred units were involved in military aggression against Ukraine on the southern and eastern fronts.

SBU investigators informed Neradka of the suspicion of planning, preparing, unleashing and waging an aggressive war.

It will be recalled that earlier it was reported that Ukrainian volunteers together with

intelligence tried to convince three Russian pilots to defect with their military planes in exchange for 1 million dollars


In addition, we previously informed that 

Russia will have enough resources to continue the war against Ukraine this year and possibly next year, but the "big offensive" announced by it turned out to be "a hoax".

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