The recent statement of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, about the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons (TWW) in Belarus should have a response from Ukraine's allies. 

This was stated on the air by the FREEDOM TV channel, the founder of the charity fund "Zakryemo Nebo Ukrainy", retired lieutenant general Ihor Romanenko.

In his opinion, Ukraine's partner countries should more vigorously implement the next sanctions against the Kremlin.

Romanenko emphasized that the head of the Kremlin has already placed nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad and, possibly, in Crimea.

"It is necessary to bear in mind that there are already nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad.

And there is a high probability that there are ammunition of this order in Crimea.

They repaired Soviet nuclear weapons storage facilities there," he said.

Romanenko noted that such ships as the sunken cruiser "Moskva" could also be equipped with a "nucleus".

According to the expert, the Russians are closely monitoring the area where the cruiser was sunk, and this is an indirect indicator that there was, most likely, a "nucleus".

"When I was on it, and I was not only on a cruiser, but also on an American aircraft carrier, and I know the attitude of the hosts about where guests should go and what guests should see. This was when we were not yet at war, but the Black Sea Fleet was already in Crimea, then there were many signs that there could be such weapons there. I say this as a person who was a brigade commander and was responsible for maintaining and training calculations on the use of missiles with nuclear warheads," said Romanenko.

Moreover, the expert recalled that even before the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, the Russians talked about the feasibility of seizing the peninsula in order to turn it into a military base. 

"An unsinkable aircraft carrier is a fortress from NATO... Not only Ukraine is a threat, namely NATO, and Putin's next statement regarding such a step says that in the north it is already in Kaliningrad, in the south, perhaps in Crimea, and now in the middle - in Belarus .

Therefore, the reaction must be appropriate: the introduction of another round of sanctions and modern weapons for Ukraine, in order to decisively end all this in 2023.

There is such a chance, it's just that the allies need to think about it and help Ukraine more energetically," Ihor Romanenko emphasized.

We will recall that British intelligence analyzed the actions of the Russian special services regarding the implementation of the Kremlin's plans to occupy all of Ukraine and named the main reasons why this did not happen. 

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