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"Probably a purge has begun in Rosgvardiya (a paramilitary unit subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow)," wrote London's Daily Mail.

"According to a report by a British think tank, a few days ago Colonel Sergey Volkov, head of the naval operations division of the Russian Guard, was arrested. He was charged with corruption. It is believed that he damaged the state treasury by 395.5 million rubles (about 4 million pandas). Volkov gave the go-ahead for the purchase of low-quality radars at inflated prices," the media added.

"On March 20, on suspicion of corruption, another commander in the Russian Guard, Major Vadim Dragomiretsky, was detained. There is no information about the case against him," the publication also pointed out.

"The arrests of the officers show that there is corruption at the highest level in the Rosguard. At the same time, however, in Russia, accusations of taking and giving bribes are often practiced as a method of dealing with people who are inconvenient to the authorities. So it is very likely that in the command of the division that a purge had begun and that the order for it had come from the highest level," the Daily Mail added.

Vladimir Putin removes Ramzan Kadyrov?

"Although formally Rosgvardia is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, it is in fact the personal guard of President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin - Russian politician.

Born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. Pres.

He repeatedly thanked the soldiers and officers for their loyalty to the Kremlin," the newspaper also wrote.

Vladimir Putin