A state of emergency has been declared in Russia, in several cities of the Rostov region, due to heavy snowfall.

Local publications, as well as "Truha-Ukraine" reported on this.

So, about 600 trucks and thousands of cars have been standing on the M4 "Don" highway for more than four hours.

According to the drivers, the traffic jam stretched for about 50 km.

Plus, the nearest gas stations are already running out of food and water.

The authorities are trying to urgently clear the roads and save motorists.

As the Ukrainian Telegram channel reminds, it is precisely through this sphere that the supply lines of the group of Russian troops in Donbas run.

The day before, heavy snowfall covered Romania.

There, thousands of consumers were left without electricity.


 paralyzed traffic in the country.

People escaped from the snow trap on foot.

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