[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] The Wenhu Line of the Taipei MRT was out of service again during rush hour yesterday. A train passed through a station without stopping. Passengers worried that they would catch up with the train ahead and pressed the emergency call bell, but the train passed three stops Only then did they stop; Taipei City Councilor Wang Xinyi bombarded that the Taipei MRT Company loosened the screws exaggeratedly, seriously ignoring the safety of passengers.

Beijie said that the initial research judged that the signal at the train stop was abnormal, and the detailed reason must be sent back to the machine factory for further investigation.

Members of Parliament say that the screws are loosened exaggeratedly

Yesterday, a PTT netizen posted an article pointing out that at around 8:30 in the morning, they took the Wenhu Line from Nangang Exhibition Hall Station to work in Nangang Software Park, but they didn’t stop at Nangang Software Park Station, nor did they stop at the next stop, Donghu Station. , A passenger pressed the emergency call bell to report that he had passed two stops without stopping. The traffic control center seemed to find nothing unusual, and asked where is the current location?

After finishing the call, the vehicle slowed down when approaching Huzhou Station. The traffic control center may have moved too slowly. When the passengers got off the bus, they had already arrived at Dahu Park Station, skipping three stops in the middle.

Passengers press the emergency call bell to report

Wang Xinyi said that the Wenhu Line has very short train intervals during rush hours. If a passenger presses the emergency call bell before passing Donghu Station, will the traffic control center wait until the train hits the previous train to find out?

Is there a problem with the design of the warning mechanism of the vehicle safety notification?

Or because of a glitch?

The train passed the station without noticing it, and the train was not stopped until the public notified it.

Wang Xinyi said that in September last year, the Wenhu line was delayed for nearly half an hour because the train could not run automatically. At that time, it was requested to be held accountable and the early warning mechanism for related damages should be strengthened. As a result, it happened again now. Obviously, Beijie Company and Beishi Metro Engineering Bureau Without intentions, the Chiang City Government should completely eradicate the shortcomings of the "former government", quickly tighten the screws, and demand that the cause be found out as soon as possible and a comprehensive overhaul should be made. Don't wait until an accident causes casualties before regretting it.

Beijie: Initially judged that the signal at the stop was abnormal

Beijie said that at 8:24 yesterday morning, there was a non-stop crossing station at the Nangang Software Park Station, Donghu Station, and Huzhou Station on the Wenhu Line towards the zoo. About 70 passengers transferred to follow-up trains without delay. Preliminary research judged that the signal at the train stop was abnormal. The detailed reason will be sent back to the airport for detailed investigation.

Beijie emphasized that the Wenhu Line system adopts the automatic train protection design, and passengers are safe and secure. During the processing period, the operation of the Wenhu Line has not been interrupted, and flexible train dispatching and adjustment of train schedules have been adopted. In addition, stations and trains have strengthened broadcasting and dispatched personnel to guide .