[Reporter Chen Guanbei/Changhua Report] An old farmer surnamed Hong in Changhua County has land in Dacheng and rural areas. He asked someone to backfill the soil without tilling it. He argued that he bought good soil for 3,000 yuan per car and backfilled it. There are about 60 cars in total, but Mr. Hong Living only on the old farmer's pension, it is impossible to pay more than 100,000 yuan for the purchase of land, and the Environmental Protection Bureau found that the backfill was all industrial waste such as waste plastics.

The Changhua District Court sentenced Hong Nan to one year and six months for violating the waste disposal law.

The verdict pointed out that a farmer surnamed Hong (aged 72) jointly owned a piece of land with his younger brother and younger sister in Dacheng Township. On July 23 of the same year, the Changhua County Environmental Protection Bureau excavated and found that it was actually buried waste chair backs, waste plastic bags and other garbage.

The old farmer surnamed Hong argued that he bought the soil at 500 yuan per car. When the police interrogated him, he asked Mr. Hong to buy clean soil at 3000 yuan per car. He had already bought 50 to 60 cars. Thousands of dollars and so on.

According to the court investigation, Hongnong relied on the old farmer's annuity every month to live, and only the money was remitted into his account, and he had no extra funds to pay the backfill price.

The judge considered that the defendant ignored the importance of the environment and provided land for others to refill waste, which might harm public health. He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison.