Zhang Dunhan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidential Palace, relayed the meeting between President Tsai and American dignitaries.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yun)

[Reporter Chen Yun/Taipei Report] President Tsai Ing-wen launched the "Journey of Democracy and Common Prosperity", and ended the first day of the transit trip in New York, USA on the morning of the 30th Taipei time; Zhang Dunhan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidential Palace, relayed the interaction between President Tsai and American dignitaries , During a meeting with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Tsai thanked US President Joe Biden for expressing his support for Taiwan with concrete actions after taking office. The partnership between the two parties is unprecedented and solid.

As for whether he has spoken with other dignitaries, Zhang Hui will report to everyone according to the time.

Zhang Dunhan pointed out that during the President's transit, in addition to the public itinerary, there are still arrangements to meet with American friends in accordance with past practice. Before the evening banquet, the President had a meeting with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

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Zhang Dunhan explained that the President thanked Governor Murphy for taking the time to participate in the overseas Chinese banquet and had the opportunity to meet and exchange face-to-face, and talked about 4 key points.

First of all, the President thanked President Biden of the United States for continuing to express his support for Taiwan with specific actions after taking office. Over the past three years, Taiwan and the United States have jointly experienced and overcome many challenges. The partnership has never been seen before and is close and solid.

Zhang Dunhan said, secondly, Murphy was very familiar with Taiwan when he was in business. The President also thanked Governor Murphy for his long-term support for Taiwan after he entered politics. It can promote more cooperation and exchanges between the two sides.

Zhang Dunhan went on to explain, thirdly, Tsai Ing-wen thanked the New Jersey State Legislature for passing the Taiwan Friendship Resolution in February this year, supporting Taiwan and the United States in negotiating and signing a bilateral trade agreement (BTA), and supporting Taiwan's meaningful participation in international organizations. The President looks forward to Governor Murphy's Leaders of the Congress can continue to support Taiwan's integration into the international community.

Zhang Dunhan said that Murphy finally explained to the president that New Jersey's goal of 70% green energy in 2030 and 100% green energy in 2035 is the goal. Tsai Ing-wen believes that this is consistent with Taiwan's efforts to promote energy transformation.

In addition, the "innovative economy" and "infrastructure economy" promoted by Murphy coincide with the promotion direction of Taiwan's "six core strategic industries". We hope that in the future, based on the sound economic and trade interaction between Taiwan and New Jersey, Continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides from talents to industries, in high-tech, green energy and other fields, and strengthen industrial resilience and global supply chain security.