Nantou County's Xinyi Shuanglong Colorful Suspension Bridge will allow children to enter the kindergarten for free during the Qingming holiday.

(File photo, photo by reporter Zhang Xiesheng)

[Reporters Zhang Xiesheng, Chen Fengli/Report from Nantou] The Ching Ming holiday is coming. In order to encourage people to take advantage of the warmth of spring and the pleasant climate to take advantage of the spring to bring their families and families to travel to Nantou, which has beautiful mountains and rivers, the county government announced the Qingjing High-altitude Temple under its jurisdiction Scenic Trail, Shuanglong Colorful Suspension Bridge, Zhushan Ruilong Waterfall Park, Yuanfeng Starry Sky Theater, and the Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area affiliated to the Forestry Bureau. There are five consecutive holidays from April 1st to 5th. Children under the age of 10 can enter the park for free, and enjoy the best Children's Day holiday in Nantou.

Zhushan Ladder Suspension Bridge Park is free until 4/30

The Nantou County Government stated that this year’s Qingming Festival will last for five days, and the county government will open the above four scenic spots for children from all over the country to enter the park for free. Among them, the Zhushan Ladder Suspension Bridge Park will allow children to enter the park for free from now until April 30. During the event, children will take pictures and check in Upload and get a commemorative medal.

Others include Xitou and Fenghuang Nature Education Park. On the 4th and 5th, children can enter the park for free; on the 4th Children's Day, children can enter the park for free in the Phoenix Valley Bird Park Ecological Park, Chelongpu Fault Preservation Park and Cingjing Farm , but Qingjing Farm had to charge 20 yuan for insurance; and Huisun Forest Farm only charged 20 yuan for children entering the kindergarten for five days even during the holiday.

In addition, Feeling18 Chocolate Workshop in Puli Township, for the 14th year, jointly organized a Children's Day theme celebration party with the Puli Township Office. Yesterday, they gave specially designed cookie gift boxes to the children in the town as gifts, and also donated 2.5 million yuan from the charity sale. Donate to the Liangxiantang Foundation founded by Chen Su's grandma, so that the foundation can continue to help lost youths and vulnerable groups.