Criminal Court for Corruption and Conduct

6 police officers sentenced to life imprisonment, ranging from the rank of general to colonel

Participating in corruption, organizing a police flat

But let it be useful, reducing the penalty of 1 in 3 to 33 years and 4 months in prison, fined 3.9 hundred thousand baht each, the remaining 3 were punished in descending order, revealing that one of the accused was Du Hao's brother and wife, Jean Tao.

The court issued a final judgment in the case of corruption in the police flat construction project at 9:00 a.m. on March 30 at the Central Criminal Court for corruption and misconduct.

Road along the railway, Taling Chan, the court reads the black criminal verdict No. 96, 131/2564 between the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) as the plaintiff.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Teerayut Kitiwat, former commander of the Royal Thai Air Force Office, and those who are Pol. Maj. Gen. Sajja Kochahiran, Pol. Maj. Gen. Saman Sudjai, Pol. .Pattamek Soontranuyutkit, Pol. Col. Chirawut Chanpeng, Pol.Lt.Col. Sitthiphaiboon Khamnil, Pol.Lt.Col. Na Obchoey, former group commander of the Professional and Specialized Division of the Public Works Division, PCC Development and Construction Co., Ltd. is the 1st-9th defendant, respectively.

The plaintiff sued that the defendants 1-6 were officials appointed to be a bidding committee for the construction of a police officer's residential building project by electronic means.

List of residential buildings (flats), size 30 families, 5 storeys, 163 units, amount 3,709,880,000 baht, jointly performing duties illegally

with the intent to seek unlawful benefits and benefit PCC Company

Development and Construction Co., Ltd. The 9th defendant intends not to have a fair price competition to help the 9th defendant to have the right to enter into the contract.

Construction of police officers' residences with the Royal Thai Police

As for the 7th defendant, an official was appointed as a member of the Employment Inspection Committee.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to have authority

demanded money from the 9th defendant in the amount of 60,000 baht to assist with facilitating the construction

And various actions related to the construction by the 9th defendant agreeing to pay to the 7th defendant in return for assistance in checking out the employment.

While the 8th defendant is an official appointed as a supervisor, he has taken advantage of the opportunity to have the authority to claim property from the 9th defendant in the amount of 91,618,000 baht to help the 9th defendant by facilitating the construction process.

And various actions related to the construction of the 9th defendant agrees to pay money to the 8th defendant in exchange for such assistance.

asked to punish defendants 1-6 according to the Criminal Code, sections 151,157 and the 1999 Bidding to Government Agencies Act, sections 10, 12, defendants 7-8 according to the Criminal Code, section 149, 157 The 9th defendant under the Criminal Code, Sections 149, 157, 86 and the Bidding to Government Agencies Act, 1999, Section 12, the Criminal Code, Section 86 (sponsors).

the court ruled that

The actions of defendants 1-6 are the only action that is an offense against several chapters of the law.

to be punished for jointly committing an offense against the position under

Act 1999 Bids to Government Agencies, Section 12 is the law with the heaviest punishment. Defendants 1-6 imprisoned each for life, fined 390,000 baht each, and defendants 7 imprisoned 5. Year 8th defendant imprisoned for 19 years, defendant 9 fined 260,000 baht, but the evidence of defendants 1-8 is useful for consideration.

have a reprieve

Reduce the punishment to one-third per count. Therefore, defendants 1-6 are still imprisoned for 33 years and 4 months, fined 260,000 baht each.

As for the 7th defendant, he remained imprisoned for 3 years and 4 months, the 8th defendant remained imprisoned for 12 years and 6 months, forfeiting the 7th defendant's assets in the amount of 60,000 baht and the 8th defendant's assets in the amount of 91,618,000 baht, to be returned to the state. what the court ordered

It is money instead of such value within 1 month from the date of the judgment.

instead of a fine to detain more than 1 year, but not more than 2 years.

After the verdict, all 8 defendants filed a petition with securities for temporary release pending appeal.

The court considered allowing the temporary release of the 7th, 8th defendant, while the 1st and 6th defendants were pending consideration by the Court of Appeal.

when due

When correctional officers took defendants 1-6 to detain them at the Bangkok Special Prison.

Waiting for the Court of Appeal's insurance consideration order

It was also reported that Pol.Lt.Col. Sitthiphaiboon Kamnil, 1 of the defendants in this case, is the older brother of Pol.Lt.Col.Watnaree Kornchayanan.

Du Hao's wife

or Mr. Chainat

Korn Chayanan

accused of drug crimes

China Tao Capital Group

was arrested in the Jin Ling Pub case in October 2022, while Pol.Lt.Col. Sitthiphaiboon was arrested on December 24, 2022 for money laundering.

and conspiring to commit drug-related offences, totaling 6 counts

For this case, due to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) pointing out Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban when he was in office

Deputy Prime Minister and others in 2 cases, namely the case of the construction of a police station (police station) to replace 396 after the damage was 1,728 million baht. Later, on September 20, 2022, the Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit against Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban and the others, and this case is Construction of 163 police officer accommodation buildings (flats) with damage of 3,994 million baht, including 2 cases of damage of 5,722 million baht.