The beauty of alpine rhododendrons in Hehuan Mountain attracts many tourists to the mountain every year. This year, the flowering season begins in April.

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There will be 12 additional flights between Cingjing and Hehuanshan, and reservations must be made in advance

[Reporter Chen Fengli/Report from Nantou] The alpine rhododendron season in Hehuanshan will begin in April. The General Administration of Highways will implement holiday high-load measures from April 8th. In addition to the original six flights, 12 additional flights will be opened by appointment. Those who have reservations will be given priority. Tourists who want to take passenger transportation must make an appointment first and report on time.

From April 8th to June 11th, self-driving cars with more than 3 people

Hehuan Mountain is a well-known alpine rhododendron viewing spot in China. There is an endless stream of tourists flocking to view the flowers every year, which often causes traffic jams on the Hehuan Mountain section of the Taiwan 14th A-line. This year's azalea season will start in April. Traffic congestion, from April 8th to June 11th, high occupancy control will be implemented every holiday. From Cuifeng section to Dayuling section, if you drive by yourself, you must take more than three people.

Nantou Supervision Station, in response to the high passenger load measures during the flower season holidays, coordinated with Nantou Passenger Transport, and added the holiday shuttle bus "Guomin Hotel-Meifeng-Cuifeng-Songxuelou-Xiaofengkou" in addition to the original "6658 (A) Qingjing Farm—Hehuanshan” has six shifts, and 12 additional shifts will be opened by appointment, but these 12 shifts must be booked before boarding, that is, from seven days before the departure date to noon every Friday. Reservation website: https: //; You can also call Nantou Passenger Transport, 049-2984031#22.

After the azalea season in Mount Hehuan begins, in addition to making reservations for passenger transportation during holidays, the Hehuan Mountain Villa under the jurisdiction of the Nantou Forest Management Office has newly opened the highest-altitude coffee shop, where you can drink coffee and eat light meals while enjoying the flowers.