The Minister of Lands, Housing and Housing Development, Angeline Mabula has asked religious leaders to continue to provide more education to Tanzanians so that they can see the importance of paying cave tax which has been waived due to the pardon of President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Mabula said this when he was speaking to religious leaders at the sixth graduation for high-level graduates of doctors and professors sponsored by the Outreach Care International College in the United States held at the College of Planning in Dodoma.

He said the religious leaders have a wide field to educate Tanzanians about the importance of paying the caveat tax which for now President Samia has been able to remove with amnesty so that all those who are owed pay without being forced by the government.

"I ask my leaders of religious sects to continue to help the government in providing education to your people in the houses of worship to pay the caveat tax that has been waived by the president so that Tanzanians can pay it without being forced," he said.

And the Head of the training of these leaders, Professor Rejoice Ndalima, has asked the religious leaders to increase themselves in seeking sufficient education so that they can do their jobs well in their areas.

In addition, he has asked their religious leaders to be people who love the country in order to bring about development that will help the existence of peace and the continued existence of unity and solidarity that will build the nation.