The auction house pointed out that the reason why this tyrannosaur fossil is called "Trinity" is because the fossils come from 3 different tyrannosaurs, and 293 represents the 293 bones of the tyrannosaurus.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Kohler Auction House in Zurich, Switzerland exhibited a complete set of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils in a concert hall in Zurich on the 29th. It was auctioned on April 18, and the transaction price is estimated to start at about US$5 million (about NT$160 million).

According to Reuters, the Tyrannosaurus TRX-293 Trinity, which came from 67 million years ago, is 11.6 meters long and 3.9 meters wide. It is the first complete Tyrannosaurus fossil to appear at a European auction.

Cyril Koller, the owner of the auction house, said that the reason why this fossil is called "Trinity" is because this fossil comes from three different Tyrannosaurus rex, all of which were unearthed in the United States in the past, and 293 represents the 293 pieces of the Tyrannosaurus. bone.

Kohler estimated that the buyer may be a private person at that time, but he believes that the public will still be able to see this tyrannosaur fossil in public in the future. The expected transaction price is between US$5.44 million and US$8.7 million (about NT$260 million).

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Hans Jacob-Siber, a paleontologist at the Dinosaur Museum in Atal, Switzerland, said that Tyrannosaurus fossils are extremely rare. What is on display this time is not a replica, but a complete fossil body until the 1970s or 1980s. Fewer than a dozen T. rex fossils have been found, most of which are in museums in the United States.

Two tyrannosaur fossils have been auctioned in the past, including "Sue" (Sue) auctioned in 1997 and "Stan" (Stan) auctioned in 2020, which were sold for US$8.4 million (approximately NT$250 million) and Sold for US$31.8 million (approximately NT$960 million).

The "TRX-293 Trinity", which will be auctioned next month, will be exhibited in a concert hall in Zurich from the 29th.

(European News Agency)

The auction house estimates that the transaction price will start at about US$5 million (about NT$160 million).

(European News Agency)