2-year-old Darinka Plyskovska struggles with a congenital defect in her left leg.

In utero, the child's femur, hip and knee joints, and fibula remained underdeveloped.

"At birth, the leg was shorter by 2 cm, and now it is more than 14 cm, and after the end of the growth of the child - 31-32 cm is predicted. In addition to this birth defect, there was a delay in intrauterine development, the gestational age did not correspond to the gestational age of 4 weeks, hypoxic condition, hemorrhage in the brain (in a safe zone - that's what the doctors explained to me), brain edema and other things that affected the development of my daughter..." - says the child's mother, Olena. 

The girl's body developed asymmetrically, the blood circulation on the left side of the body was disturbed, which is why the child has been undergoing massage courses since birth.

And she was a frequent guest in the offices of orthopedic surgeons throughout Ukraine. 

"Thank God, we managed to save the muscles and verticalize my daughter, and to the surprise of many doctors, at 1 year and 10 months old, my daughter took her first steps with the help of an orthosis.

But our happiness did not last long, due to uneven loads on unhealthy joints, deviations and countercurrents began to increase rapidly, the back and pelvis suffer, and also all the load is transferred to the healthy leg, it is distributed incorrectly, it is also deformed, even 2 nails fell off... there are problems with defecation, speech... Darinka's defect is not only a cosmetic defect, but also strongly affects the quality of life and, unfortunately, the situation will only worsen", - adds the child's mother. 

In Ukraine, the girl was offered some treatment, but the war intervened.

Mom and Darinka got to Warsaw, in April an American surgeon came there, who has 30 years of experience working with defects similar to Darinka's. 

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Posted by Olena Plyskovska Tuesday, March 7, 2023

"My daughter underwent a full examination, established an accurate diagnosis and drew up a treatment plan.

We have every chance to save the leg and our daughter will be able to live a full life with healthy legs, but this is a long-term process and costs a lot of money.

It is necessary to perform the first and most important operation (to reconstruct the joints and soft tissues) in order to save the leg and so that in the future we can lengthen the bones and the daughter will be able to move independently and without orthoses", says Olena. 

The amount for the operation, which is required in the near future, reaches almost 119 thousand dollars.

Thanks to social networks, the family has already managed to collect almost half of the amount.

But here another factor is added - Darinka's age.

The girl is already 2 years and 8 months old, and for the maximum effect, the operation should be carried out before the age of three.

There are only a few months left, but without finances, the doctors will not undertake the operation. 

"We are very limited by time.

Therefore, I am asking you very much to help us save Doni's leg, save her from severe disability and give her a chance for a full life without pain and suffering.

The doctor plans to reconstruct all the joints and soft tissues in one long-term operation.

That is, after the first operation, our daughter's leg will be corrected, healthy, supportive and ready for lengthening.

And an important point is rehabilitation, which is already included in the price of the treatment stage," Olena says and asks for all possible financial assistance from everyone who sees her appeal.

Details for help:

PrivatBank card:

5168 7520 1635 3610 hryvnias

IBAN UA213052990262026400934436837

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