Anping District is carrying out the renewal and replacement project of old tap water pipelines, which is expected to be completed in November this year.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Report from Tainan] In order to strengthen the water demand in Anping District and improve the leakage of old pipelines, the water company spent 60 million yuan to replace the old ones with new ones in two bids. The project affects traffic, and the city government requires construction to avoid commuting traffic hours and holiday shutdowns. It is expected that the replacement project will be completed in November this year, and 3,000 users can be improved.

The Public Works Bureau said that due to the old pipelines in Anping District, the water supply energy is limited, and the water pressure is unstable and even causes a high chance of pipe breakage and water leakage. It is close to the sea, so the water supply company will use corrosion-resistant high-density polyvinyl chloride pipes for trial operation this time to make the pipes more durable. Between Huaping Road) pipeline replacement project.

The Public Works Bureau pointed out that because there are many shops in the area and there are many tourists, in order to avoid affecting the traffic and business of the shops, the project adopts the principle of segmented construction and holiday shutdown, avoiding commuting traffic and public water consumption peak hours, and minimizing the impact of pipeline construction.

The first bid for the pipeline replacement project, some sections of Jiankang Road (between Jianping Road and Huaping Road) has been constructed and is expected to be completed in April this year.

The second Biaojunping Road and the area around Gwangju 6th Street are expected to be completed in November this year, and the total length of the pipeline improvement will reach 4,900 meters.