Zhangbin Service Center firstly held a symposium for manufacturers of Zhangbin incinerators and invited manufacturers from Lukang District to participate.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xiaoxin)

Before the Xizhou incinerator fly ash plant is completed, 20,000 metric tons of domestic waste will be disposed of free of charge every year

[Reporter Liu Xiaoxin/Changhua Report] The Zhangbin Incinerator, which has passed the EIA, will hold a pre-construction briefing today (31st), and the good-neighborliness feedback plan will be exposed in advance. The annual reward is estimated to exceed 40 million yuan, and free Assist in the disposal of 20,000 metric tons of domestic waste, and assist the Lukang Township Office to subsidize the replacement of fuel locomotives with electric locomotives.

Helping replace Lugang fuel locomotives with electric locomotives

Liu Jiajun, director of Jingding Green Energy Technology, said that the good-neighborliness reward plan is based on the key points of the reward set by the Environmental Protection Agency for large-scale incinerators, and there are also designated items for the use of the reward.

The local feedback fund proposed by the company will be calculated at 200 yuan per ton according to the actual amount of waste removal and treatment from the start date of operation, and will be used for social services, environmental protection and other facilities and caring activities in Changhua area.

The Zhangbin incinerator is expected to process an average of 700 metric tons of industrial waste per day. After deducting regular annual maintenance, the rebate is about 140,000 yuan per day of operation, and the annual rebate is estimated to exceed 40 million yuan.

Liu Jiajun pointed out that the company will also assist in the processing of fly ash from the Xizhou incinerator. Before the fly ash plant is set up, it will process 20,000 metric tons of domestic waste for free every year; The township office subsidizes the replacement of fuel locomotives with electric locomotives, with a subsidy of 8,000 yuan for each electric locomotive, and it is estimated to subsidize 250 vehicles. It also assists Lukang Office with one million yuan per year in replacing garbage trucks and equipment.

The 5th incinerator in Beizhang went round to protest

Shi Yueying, Director-General of Changhua County Environmental Protection Alliance, emphasized that the density of incinerators in North Changhua is the first in Taiwan, and Lukang will be the fifth incinerator. The load has been overloaded, and the ring group will launch a series of links. In addition, local dairy farmers and clam farmers went to the Changbin Service Center to protest today, demanding that the incinerator development project be withdrawn.