Andriy Makarevych,

the frontman of the legendary band "Mashina Vremny"

announced about the holiday in his family.

The musician's youngest son, born to him by his young wife, a journalist from Kyiv, Einat Klein, is celebrating his birthday.

The boy, whose name is Einat, turned one year old.

Son of Andrii Makarevich / Photo:

On the occasion of the holiday, the musician dedicated a touching post to his son.

So, he and his wife sang Happy Birthday to the baby and handed him a birthday cake with a candle in the shape of the number one.

Makarevych also showed many photos of his noticeably grown son.

Son of Andrii Makarevich / Photo:

By the way, when the performer congratulated the boy on his birthday, he once again trolled Russia.

Makarevych, when publishing posts, reminded that he is actually recognized as a "foreign agent".

Andriy Makarevich with his wife and son / Photo:

"Foreign agent Andriy Makarevych is celebrating his son's birthday in the narrow circle of the foreign agent's relatives," the artist wrote in the post.

It should be noted that when Russia started a full-scale war in Ukraine, Andriy Makarevych immediately condemned the actions of the authorities of the aggressor country.

The musician supports Ukrainians and 

speaks negatively about the Russian Federation


So, the artist was recognized as a "foreign agent" for his anti-war stance.

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