In the morning in Taichung City, an old house collapsed due to the construction of the neighboring house, causing one death. The picture shows the rescue situation at the scene.

(Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] In the morning of Taichung City, an old house was suspected to be caused by an accident of the construction of the neighboring house collapsed, resulting in one death. Li Zhengwei, director of the Metropolitan Development Bureau, pointed out that after the on-site investigation, the construction unit did not set up maintenance and safety facilities, which caused the neighboring house to collapse And caused the death of the workers, fined 18,000 yuan for violating the construction law, and issued an order to suspend work immediately. Responsibility must be clarified and the construction improvement plan must be approved before resuming work.

Li Zhengwei pointed out that the construction unit in this case had previously applied for a demolition license and demolished it in accordance with regulations. At present, it also applied for a construction license to carry out construction. However, after today's on-site inspection, it is believed that the construction site does not have appropriate facilities to maintain safety and prevent danger. Or measures, the construction caused the adjacent building to collapse, and even caused one death. A fine of 18,000 yuan has been imposed in accordance with Article 58 of the Construction Law, and a stoppage of work has been ordered.

Li Zhengwei said that regarding the on-site construction of the mixture, the Metropolitan Development Bureau has contacted the Soil and Assets Field, and the mixture is directly loaded to the Soil and Assets Field with the assistance of the Environmental Protection Bureau; in addition, the Metropolitan Development Bureau's Construction and Restoration Engineering Section will cooperate with the entry work in the follow-up Security fencing.