Accompanied by legislator He Bowen and others, the Asian Political Economy and Peace Exchange Association held a press conference on "President" vs. "Mr. Ma" Taiwan's head of state in the Legislative Yuan today (30).

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] President Tsai Ing-wen is visiting allies in Central America. During her transit in the United States, she is expected to meet with House Speaker McCarthy. Former President Ma Ying-jeou will go to China in the name of ancestor worship and youth exchanges.

Wang Zhisheng, secretary-general of the China Asia-Pacific Elite Exchange Association, analyzed today (30th) that the four main differences between the two during their visits pointed out that Tsai Ing-wen embraced the world, while Ma Ying-jeou was reduced to a Chinese pawn.

Shuangying's visit has attracted much attention. A number of scholar groups held a press conference today together with He Bowen, chairman of the DPP's New Taipei City Party Branch, and former New Taipei City Councilor Li Kuncheng. In addition to analyzing the significance of Tsai Ing-wen and Ma Ying-jeou's visit, they also asked "Taiwan needs What kind of head of state".

Wang Zhisheng pointed out that, firstly, Tsai Ing-wen embraces the international community and its common interests, but Ma Ying-jeou embraces China; secondly, Tsai Ing-wen holds her head up high, allowing the ROC to be seen internationally, while Ma Ying-jeou hides the ROC in China; Third, Tsai Ing-wen’s speech emphasized that Taiwan can help the world, but Ma Ying-jeou emphasized that the Kuomintang and the Communist Party are one family, echoing Xi Jinping, catering to China’s view of history, and becoming a pawn in China’s United Front; fourth, Tsai Ing-wen made Taiwan visible to the world, and Ma Ying-jeou made Taiwan the Republic of China disappeared in China.

Chen Lifu, president of the Taiwan Professors Association, said that China supports Russia, undermines the stability of East Asia, and destroys human rights in Xinjiang and Tibet. The presidential election calls on the public to choose people who have dedicated themselves to Taiwan, rather than seeking personal power and interests.

Shen Youzhong, chairman of the Asian Political Economy and Peaceful Exchange Association and a professor of political science at Tunghai University, said that the president of Taiwan should let the world see Taiwan and be treated with dignity. I hope that all possible presidential candidates next year can clearly express their respect for Whether to support and defend Taiwan, the Republic of China, as a sovereign state, and to uphold dignity and communicate with China on an equal footing.

In addition, Li Kuncheng said that what kind of head of state Taiwan needs is now a very critical time to distinguish. He proposed four presidential candidates to test the future.

First, whether Taiwan is going in the direction of an alliance of democracy and freedom, or in the direction of the axis of totalitarian evil; second, protect Taiwan’s status quo of maintaining democracy, prosperity and peace, or change Taiwan’s status quo toward one China; third, ensure that Taiwan Sovereignty is moving towards a normal country, or making Taiwan a part of China; fourth, strengthening the awareness of a community with a shared future for Taiwanese, or the awareness that both sides of the Taiwan Strait are Chinese.

He Bowen emphasized that Taiwan's democratic predecessors sacrificed their lives to fight for democracy and escaped from the past party-state dictatorship. Taiwan has freedom of speech and has tasted the taste of freedom. Is Ma Ying-jeou supposed to let Taiwan be dictatorship and massacre its own people in a peaceful way? regime rule?

China does not treat Taiwan equally. How it treats Ma Ying-jeou actually reflects China's attitude towards Taiwan.