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Since October, RSM has started mass sending bomb threat e-mails to schools, the Central Bank and kindergartens.

In February, there were 560 threats.

The bomb threats for March have been reduced to almost zero, there were only 9. They are all of the same type and similar, like what is happening in our country, Yordan Bozhilov, director of the Sofia Security Forum, said in "The Day Begins".

According to him, the protocols for action in such situations have been changed in the Republic of North Macedonia, the ways of creating and using official e-mails, schools are being visited.

"Not all threats close schools. We are working on different versions, one of which is hybrid threats related to Russia, but several Macedonians who are connected to one of the political parties in RSM will also be charged," Jordan added. Bozhilov.

According to him, it is important to change not only the protocols, there should be good physical security, access control, walkthroughs.

"It is very difficult to prove who the perpetrators are. In North Macedonia, it was established that the servers from which the e-mails were sent are located in Russia and Iran," said Yordan Bozhilov.