Who elects Yilan legislator?

The 9-member group of the KMT's Yixian Party Headquarters met for the first time, but there was still no conclusion.

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[Reporter You Mingjin/Report from Yilan] The 9-member group of the Yilan County Party Headquarters of the Kuomintang held its first meeting last night, hoping to find suitable candidates and report to the Party Central Committee for recruitment to represent the Kuomintang to run for the Legislative Council. dilemma.

However, Zhang Jianrong, the chairman of the party department, said that the conclusion last night still hopes that everyone will continue to look for candidates. Although there are discussions about candidates who are "big names", there are still big problems that cannot be exposed now.

The Yixian Party Branch of the KMT decided not to go through primary election registration for the nomination of legislators, and set up a "nine-member group" to find suitable candidates, and then submit it to the Party Central Committee for recruitment. , Cai Gangzhi, Huang Guolan, Li Dewang, chairman of the party department, Zhang Shengde, speaker of the parliament, Lin Yigang, secretary of the parliamentary party group, Li Qinglin, former secretary general, Yang Jixiong, former legislator, and Lin Jianrong, former deputy county magistrate.

Zhang Jianrong mentioned before that there are so many talents in the party, it is impossible that there is no candidate. The point is, will this person win?

The party headquarters had previously reported to the central government that it suggested the recruitment of county councilor Lin Yuexian, but Lin Yuexian issued a statement that he had no intention of running for the election.

Zhang Jianrong believes that Lin Yuexian, Lin Yiling and county councilor Huang Tingting can all be considered.

However, these three people have stated that they have no intention of running for the election, and the party department should not consider them; Lu Guohua, the former county magistrate, said that he is willing to take responsibility and participate in the legislative election campaign under the premise that young people are not willing.

Were any of these candidates mentioned at last night's meeting?

Lin Yigang said that last night's meeting only determined the nomination method. Some of the popular candidates mentioned in the newspaper, everyone had a "talk" and chatted. It was just a pure exchange of opinions and no specific conclusions on the candidates.

Speaker Zhang Shengde said that it was his first time to participate in politics. He just came to study and listen to the advanced opinions of his predecessors.

However, it is understood that at last night’s meeting, the team members were hesitant to speak, unable to propose the most suitable person in their minds. Some people spoke very implicitly, such as “Luo Dong has a voice, so he can persuade ‘so-and-so’ to run for the election.” Zhang Jianrong asked : "Who is 'so-and-so'?" The other party actually replied, "Everyone knows this." The group members seemed to be under pressure and dare not speak out.

In the end, Zhang Jianrong asked everyone to go back and think again, and to propose candidates for discussion at the next meeting. As long as the 9-member group agrees, they will report to the Party Central Committee for recruitment, and the Party will no longer register for the primary election.

Zhang Jianrong pointed out that the conclusion of the meeting last night is that we still hope that everyone will look for candidates. Although there are suggestions for candidates, there are still big problems, but it will not take long to reach a conclusion.

Who are the candidates for discussion?

Zhang Jianrong didn't want to explain, just said "No, no, no discussion".

He also said that there should be a "big guy", let him "let it go (confidential) for a while", and then announce it to the public after confirming it.