In line with the change of water conditions to orange lights, the swimming pools of the four incineration plants of the Environmental Protection Bureau will be opened at half the number of sessions.

(Photo by reporter Chen Wenchan)

[Reporter Chen Wenchan/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung’s water situation will turn orange today. The water company will manage a total of 950 households, such as people’s livelihood, large industrial water users, and swimming pools, and control the total amount of 1,305 households in nine industrial zones. The water supply will be reduced by 10% first, and the water supply will be reduced by up to 20% depending on the water situation; general users will maintain decompressed water supply from 10:00 at night to 6:00 the next morning.

General users maintain decompression water supply at night

The number of swimming pools in the four incineration plants of the Environmental Protection Bureau will be halved from today. Public, school, and building swimming pools that have not been filled with water will be temporarily suspended. lead seal.

The water situation in Kaohsiung is severe, and the spring rain is not as expected. From now on, the light will change from amber to orange. The water company will control 505 households with more than 1,000 degrees of water per month. ; A total of 191 households operating swimming pools, car washes, saunas, and spas will implement reduced water supply.

The water company stated that large water users will first reduce their water supply by 10%, and those who use large households and swimming pools will adjust their water supply according to the water conditions. At most, they will reduce their water supply by 20%. Those who fail to meet the standard will be sealed with the city government; the water supply will be stopped for trial release of fire hydrants and discharge of open air roofs.

Industrial Zone 1305 implements total control

In addition, there are nine industrial zones in Kaohsiung, a total of 1,305 operators implement total control. If the total water consumption of all users in the industrial zone does not reach the 10% water saving rate, the water company will notify the management center to take control measures. If the constraints cannot be imposed, the operators can Assist in sealing.

The water company has set up seven service offices including Fengshan, equipped with 395 water tanks and nine water trucks to provide support services such as water loading, and increased water loading points for industrial water, except for the three water loading points in Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Zone, Added six water-carrying points in the second-generation processing zone of Pingtung Science and Technology Industrial Park and four water-carrying points in Pingnan Industrial Park, for a total of 13 water-carrying points.