A friend of Line ID @ntp59 sent me a message to help me announce a foreigner to rent a 3-bedroom house. He used the word ...✗... a

three-beds rooms house,

so I asked him why he had to add



the bed.

He replied that because some rooms have 2 beds and there are 3 rooms in total, so add




. I corrected it to be ...✓...

a three-bed room house

'a house with 3 bedrooms'. The general meaning of


is 'house', but sometimes we use it in the sense of


or 'building', such as

an opera house


a court house


a movie house

. It is a building with a specific purpose.

But in England,


is the name of a very large building or building.

Office buildings, such as the


Broadcasting House

, 'Broadcasting station

'. Many times,


means 'company or institution'. I asked Rita where she worked.

She replied that she did it at

a fashion house,

at a fashion company.

John said I did it at

a publishing house,

I did it at a publishing house.

Mike replied that I did it at

a religious house,

I did it at a church.


means 'theater,' 'cinema,' the theater at St.

Petersburg is going to present this or people. An hour before the show, I asked Oleg if there were many people buying tickets.

Oleg said that it's packed with people tonight.

Full house

. Tickets are already fully booked.

Unlike the Nok Noi show last month,

Empty house

. Nobody watched it.

In this sense, it is

a large audience

'large audience' or

a small audience

'little audience'.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai