According to a report by the US investment bank Goldman Sachs, artificial intelligence (AI) may replace 300 million jobs in the future.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A report by Goldman Sachs, an American investment bank, claims that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace 300 million full-time jobs.

According to the British "BBC" report, a report provided by Goldman Sachs stated that artificial intelligence can replace a quarter of work tasks in the United States and Europe, but it may also mean that new job occupations will appear in the job market and at the same time activate productivity.

And it could end up adding 7% to the total annual value of goods and services produced globally.

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The ability of generative artificial intelligence (AI Generated Content) to create content indistinguishable from human work is "a major advance," the report declared.

Carl Benedikt Frey, director of the Future of Work program at the Oxford Martin School, told the BBC, "The only thing I know for sure is that there is no way of knowing how many jobs will be replaced by generative AI."

He mentioned that "ChatGPT", which has been quite active recently, allows more people with general writing skills to write articles and papers.

This situation will increase competition for journalists and will also drive down wages. Unless there is a significant increase in demand for this type of work, it will not be optimistic.

Carl Benedikt Frey also said, "In the next few years, generative AI may have a similar impact on a wider range of creative jobs."

The Goldman Sachs report concluded that if generative AI is like previous IT advances, it could reduce job creation in the short term.