On New Year's Day, the accommodation rate of the four major scenic spots in Lianjiamiao County exceeded 90%.

The picture shows the Tai'an hot spring area.

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[Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Report from Miaoli] The Qingming holiday is coming, and the tourism industry is also ushering in a recovery!

According to statistics from the Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Miaoli County Government, the accommodation rate in Miaoli County during the Ching Ming holiday has reached more than 70%. Even though many people are traveling abroad during the holiday, they are still doing well. The hotel industry is showing signs of recovery.

The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County Government pointed out that since the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday last year, the accommodation rate of Tai’an, Nanzhuang, Dahu, and Sanyi, the four major scenic spots in Miaoli County, has broken through 80%, among which Tai’an Township and Sanyi Township have broken through 90%. In spring, and this year’s Qingming Festival, Tai’an Township reached 85%, Sanyi Township also exceeded 70%, and Dahu Township at the end of the strawberry season has less crowds, and the main hotels also have a good occupancy rate.

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The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miao County Government emphasized that since the statistical data is for large and small hotel operators in the county, if the larger hotel operators are basically full of rooms, many tourists will go to Miaoli since the observation of the New Year’s Day holiday. County accommodation, tourism, and the overall industrial status are recovering.

The Tourism Marketing Division of the County Government Cultural and Tourism Bureau stated that due to the unblocking of foreign travel this year and the 5-day consecutive holiday, many people will travel to foreign countries such as Japan, but domestic tourism will still maintain a certain level.

Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County has Nanzhuang Old Street, Shisanjian Old Street, and Yuyu Trail, which are popular attractions; Sanyi Township, in addition to the well-known Shengxing Station, Longteng Broken Bridge, and railway bicycles, also holds the Sanyi Woodcarving Art Festival during the holidays A series of activities, inviting visitors to enjoy the beauty of wood carving.

As for Tai'an Township, which has always been famous for its hot spring area, with attractions such as Qing'an Tofu Street, and the nearby Dahu Township also has many ancient roads, dense bamboo forests, etc., it has also become a scenic spot for tourists to visit Miaoli County recently.