To enhance the physical development of balance

enhance sports skills

The Mall Group

Organized the STRIDER CUP THAI LAND CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 by representing Thai children to compete in the 2023 STRIDER CUP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Osaka, Japan.

is completed

In which eyes Pongwilai, marketing director of The Mall Shopping Center, said that "THE MALL PRESENTS STRIDER CUP THAI LAND CHAMPION SHIP 2023" is a plow bicycle competition for children aged between 2-7 years old by The Mall Group together with the company. BKK Strider Co., Ltd. has been held for the 8th consecutive year with the objective of enhancing physical development.


It enhances sports skills, thinking, vision, meditation, and is also an activity that helps strengthen family institutions.

as well as jointly develop the potential and abilities of Thai children to compete in world-class competition

It will represent Thailand in the 2023 STRIDER CUP WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP in Osaka, Japan.

held on 27-28 May 2023

For the results of the competition, the winner of the Best Rider of Thailand Championship, Thailand's representative to compete in the 2023 STRIDER CUP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, namely Nong Aleng-Nawut Khemajirasate, 3 years old and 11 months old, whose father-Thanakit Khemajirasate Tha said that Nong Aleng is preparing for physical development.

exercise all the time

in order to have a healthy body

by every week

You will attend training in various techniques.

Practicing how to use the plow bike to be agile.

When Nong Ah Leng keeps playing

I feel that my sister is beginning to like

So take him to study seriously.

And began to compete in more than 30 competitions, the father did not pressure the younger

But I want you to enjoy the competition more.