With this wave of spring rain pouring in, the Nengao Waterfall, which was able to cross the mountain road, finally has flowing water again.

(Photo provided by Tianchi Villa)

[Reporter Tong Zhenguo/Report from Nantou] Severe drought and water shortage in high mountains. The well-known landmark "Nenggao Waterfall" (Tandie Waterfall) along the western section of Nenggao Yueling Road in Ren'ai Township, Nantou County once disappeared. Fortunately, the recent spring rains poured in. Not only did Tianchi Villa temporarily relieve the suffering of water shortage, but the waterfall was revived. Tianchi Villa's Facebook fan page also announced that "the hot waterfall is back!"

Nengao Waterfall is located in the upper reaches of Taluowan River, with an altitude of about 2,800 meters. It is one of the famous high-altitude waterfalls in China. The waterfall with a total drop of about 200 meters in the summer wet season hangs on the mountain wall in distinct layers. Mountain friends They are also known as the Trifold Waterfall, and the water waterfall is divided into two streams from the middle, like a husband and wife standing side by side. During the Japanese occupation period, it was also called "Husband and Wife Taki". Makes the whole body comfortable, continue to the next relay point, Tianchi Villa.

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However, there has been no rain in the mountainous area since the beginning of winter last year, and many water sources have almost dried up. The spectacular Nengao Waterfall also disappeared for a while, until a wave of spring rain recently poured in, temporarily quenching the thirst of the mountainous area, and the waterfall returned.

Tianchi Villa’s Facebook fan page shared photos comparing Nenggao Waterfall’s lack of water during the drought period and the blessing of the recent spring rain, and also announced that “the hot waterfall is back!”

Due to the unstable weather recently, the management personnel of Tianchi Villa also appeal to mountain friends to pay attention to falling rocks. Please be careful when passing on the rock-falling sections of the trail 0.3, 6, and 10k.

The severe drought caused the famous landmark of Nenggao Waterfall to disappear for a while.

(Photo provided by Tianchi Villa)