In April, a number of new systems hit the road, affecting the pockets of the people.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] From this Saturday (April 1), there will be a number of new systems on the road in China. In addition to the nationwide general distribution of 6,000 yuan, which will be credited one after another, some electricity prices will be increased, and North and North Base will increase the starting price of taxis. The expansion of subsidies for locomotive road driving training, etc., among which many new systems are related to people's pockets, this newspaper organizes lazy bags for readers to grasp at once.

Pufa 6,000 yuan in cash will be credited in succession from 4/6

The general cash of 6,000 yuan can be divided into various channels, among which "direct entry", "registration entry" and "book distribution" in specific rural areas are expected to be recorded or distributed successively from April 6.

"ATM Cash Pickup" is expected to open on April 10, and "Post Office Counter Cash Pickup" will be available from April 17.

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The registration period for "Registration into the account" is until October 31, and the collection time for "ATM Cash Pickup" and "Post Office Cash Pickup" is also October 31.

For newborns born between October and December this year, the collection time will be until January 31 next year.

Among them, "registration and crediting" has started on March 22, and the 6000 official website has been open for inquiries about registration results since March 28.

Among them, those who register before March 26 according to the mantissa of their ID card, in principle, can enter the account as soon as April 6; those who register from March 27 to April 5, will enter the account in batches from April 6; April 6 After registration, it is planned to be credited after 2 working days.

In addition, the objects of "direct entry" include: labor insurance annuity, occupational insurance annuity, national annuity (including aboriginal benefits), old farmer's allowance, monthly retirement pension, living allowance for the physically and mentally handicapped, living allowance for low- and middle-income seniors, resettled children As long as there is no such thing as "supporting veterans at public expense", these specific ethnic groups are exempt from registration.

"Catalogue distribution" is limited to Shizi Township, Pingtung County, Wanrong Township, Hualien County, and Jinfeng Township, Taitung County, and will be distributed within 2 weeks from April 6. ", "ATM Cash Pickup" or "Post Office Cash Pickup".

Electricity price rises by an average of 11%, residential houses below 700 degrees per month do not rise

In April, the new electricity price charge was released, with an average increase of about 11%. For residential electricity, the price of electricity exceeding 1000 kWh will be increased by 10%, 700 kWh to 1000 kWh will be fine-tuned by 3%, and below 700 kWh will not be adjusted. According to Taipower’s estimation, each period will be 2 The monthly electricity bill will only be "affected" if the electricity price exceeds 4,508 yuan during the summer month from June to September, or if the electricity price exceeds 3,832 yuan during the non-summer month from October to May of the following year.

Taking the monthly electricity consumption of 1,100 kWh as an example, the electricity bill in summer months increased from 4,651 yuan to 4,772 yuan, and the electricity bill in non-summer months increased from 3,844 yuan to 3,941 yuan.

According to Taipower statistics, users with a monthly consumption of more than 1,000 kilowatt-hours account for only 3% of the more than 13 million residential users. It is recommended that users who use more than 700 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month can evaluate and choose a time-based electricity price plan to save electricity expenses.

Beibeiji raises the starting price of taxis

The starting price of Beibeiji taxis will increase from 70 yuan to 85 yuan starting from April, and the night bonus period will be from 11:00 p.m.

The Taipei City Public Transportation Department previously stated that from April 1st, the taxi fare basis is 85 yuan for the departure fare of 1.25 kilometers, and 5 yuan for every 200 meters on the continued journey. Adjusted from 5 yuan every 80 seconds to 5 yuan every 60 seconds.

Locomotive Driving Training Subsidy

The General Administration of Highways announced that the subsidy quota for locomotive driving training will be expanded this year. This year, the quota will be 40,000, with a subsidy of 1,300 yuan per person; and road driving training will be conducted for those who already have a motor vehicle driver's license from April, and the "Motorcycle Road Safety Driving Class" will be piloted , 3 hours each time, the price of locomotive road driving classes in the market is about 1,000 to 2,000 yuan, with a subsidy of 1,200 yuan per person and a quota of 2,000 people. The public pays less than 1,000 yuan. There are 14 driving training classes in Taiwan.

The 3-hour course of "Locomotive Road Safety Driving Class" includes left and right turns, two-stage left turns, and testing road conditions.

Taipei City maternity subsidy first-born bonus 40,000

The "Taipei City Birth Incentive Payment Method" has been amended. The first child birth bonus is increased to 40,000 yuan, the second child is 45,000 yuan, and the third child is 50,000 yuan. Newborns born after April 4 (including the day) Children can get discounts.

The Director of Civil Affairs Bureau of Taipei emphasized that the amount of the first child reward is the highest in the country, as long as the father or mother has registered in Beibeiji for more than 10 consecutive months and registered in Taipei City at the time of application, they can receive it.

Hsinchu County Respect for the Elderly Cash 4/1 application

Hsinchu County will continue to distribute gifts of 10,000 yuan to the elderly this year to maintain the exclusion of wealth. Applications will be accepted from April 1 to September 30, and will be distributed in mid-July and mid-November, which is expected to benefit 3,000 people.

The county government calls on qualified elders to prepare relevant materials and apply at the township or city office where their household registration is located after receiving the notification. The sooner they apply, the sooner they will receive it.

As for the terms of respecting the elderly and the wealth exclusion, the same as the elderly annuity: 1. In 2021, the total personal comprehensive income will exceed 500,000 yuan.

2. The total current value of personal land and houses announced exceeds 5 million yuan.

3. Possess military, public and educational retirement (job) funds (including government affairs and public undertakings).

4. Possess welfare allowances for old farmers (fishers).

5. Those who have honored people will be supported and given. None of them can receive it.

Taoyuan City YouBike is free for the first 1 hour

From April 1st in Taoyuan City, the free preferential time for renting YouBike will be upgraded from "the first 30 minutes" to "the first hour". It is estimated that you can ride 10 kilometers. It is estimated that 1.9 million people will benefit, and the number of rides will increase by 15%. , It is of great help to commuting, commuting to school, energy saving and carbon reduction.

Technology Law Enforcement on Zhandong Road, Kaohsiung City

Technology law enforcement equipment was built around Kaohsiung Railway Station to lock and pick up passengers and fine vehicles parked temporarily. The police followed the model of Zhanxi Road and built technology law enforcement equipment to ban illegal parking on Zhandong Road. As long as the vehicle stops for more than 3 minutes, the technology law enforcement will record a video , the police proceeded to report again, and began to enforce the law in April. The traffic brigade said that violators will be fined in accordance with the "Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations", with a fine of 600 to 1,200 yuan.

The time for receiving the 5 types of common cash has been determined (Source: Mapping by the Ministry of Finance: American Organization of this newspaper)