Zhongshi public kindergartens will open registration until April 7th.

(provided by the city)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] Taichung City’s public kindergartens and non-profit kindergartens will open enrollment for the 112th school year. The Education Bureau pointed out that five kindergartens will enroll in the new school year, and a total of 286 kindergartens will enroll. The registration process is divided into two phases. The first phase is from now to April 7th. It recruits children aged two to five, including low-income and other legally needing assistance and children aged five. Draw lots on the eighth day.

The Bureau of Education pointed out that the city government is actively promoting the multiplication plan for public and kindergartens. In the new school year, daya elementary school, Dongming elementary school, Mingzheng elementary school affiliated kindergartens, as well as Yimin and Neipu non-profit kindergartens have joined the ranks of enrollment. The kindergartens are expected to open in August this year. , a total of 16 new classes and 410 places will be added. Including the original kindergartens, there will be 10,928 places provided by 286 kindergartens in the 112 school year.

The Education Bureau said that the first stage of enrollment for the new school year will enroll children aged 2 to 5, including those from low-income households and children aged 5. The lottery will be drawn on the eighth day; the registration of general status children under the age of five will only be opened in the second phase, registration will be from April 9th ​​to 14th, and the lottery will be drawn on April 15th.

The Bureau of Education pointed out that both on-site and online registration methods are adopted in parallel. Parents can choose to register according to their own needs. During the enrollment period, they can check the kindergarten vacancies, registration and waiting list status in the "Enrollment Information Real-time Display System".