People waited in long queues to receive cabbage.

(Photo by reporter Lin Minzhen)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] Recently, due to overproduction of cabbage, the price of cabbage is facing a collapse. The Wuri District Farmers Association in Taichung City purchased nearly 10 tons, a total of 3,000 cabbages, and distributed them free of charge at the gate of the farmer’s association and each branch this morning. A current (savings) deposit passbook of the Wuri District Farmers Association can get a cabbage.

Zhang Hanqiang, Director-General of the Wuri District Farmers Association, said that the Agriculture Committee encourages the farmers associations to do their best to purchase cabbage and sell it in the farmers association's outlets. However, people usually go to the market to buy vegetables. The Wuri District Farmers Association decided to give back to customers. Distributing cabbage in this way not only responds to government policies, but also allows villagers to feel the strong human touch of the peasant association.

Zhang Hanqiang said that many cabbage-producing areas are in the south of Changhua, and there are relatively few farmers in the Wuri area who mainly grow cabbage.

In order to stabilize the market price, the Wuri District Peasant Association, through the Agricultural and Food Administration, purchased it from the North Agricultural Products Transportation and Marketing Company at a price of 12 yuan per kilogram.

The Wuri District Farmers Association distributed 3,000 pieces of cabbage for free.

(Photo by reporter Lin Minzhen)