His age is uncle, but his heart is still young, his style and manner, Pol.Gen.

During this period, the emphasis was on the young teenager's style.

The other day, I just had a salad from Madlung.

from wearing slacks

Wearing a shirt from the Seri Ruam Thai Party campaigning

Change your style to wear jeans.

Get on the sky train to beg for scores of young men and women at a famous department store on Sukhumvit Road, showing their vigor at their age near eight digits.

but strong and fit

active glide

You don't need someone to support you like some uncles.

Recently, I went to dabble in the source of working people.

Enter the SCB Park Plaza market in the Ratchayothin area, wandering around from morning until noon.

Through the sun, the city is almost 40 degrees, helping to score points for Anuphan Tharadol Rattanakorn, candidate.

Lak Si District - Chatuchak

Walking in the market, sweating and sweating.

The seller sees his face full of sweat.

"Father Seriphisuth" hurriedly picked up a tissue to wipe his face and wipe his eyes.

Wipe up sweat to cool off.

His face was already red from the sun.

Therefore, the more red it is, the gourd

because shyness enters into the mix

After a while, he'll be embarrassed like "Uncle Pom" being hugged, smelled good, until he became used to it!!!

Phairoj Chalokkhongthavorn