St. Martin's Hospital in Chiayi City passed the double certification of "Occupational Injury Diagnosis and Treatment Hospital" and "Occupational Accident Functional Rehabilitation Hospital" by the Ministry of Labor this year, and its plaque was unveiled yesterday.

(Photo by reporter Lin Yizhang)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Report from Chiayi] Chiayi City St. Martin's Hospital has passed the double certification of the Ministry of Labor this year as a "specialized hospital for diagnosis and treatment of occupational injuries" and "specialized hospital for occupational accident rehabilitation". It is the only hospital in Chiayi that has passed the double certification of the Ministry of Labor; Fang held the certification unveiling ceremony yesterday, providing continuous services such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, work ability assessment, and subsidy application consultation for affected workers, so that the workers can return to their original jobs as soon as possible.

Lin Yutang, deputy director of the Occupational Safety and Health Department of the Ministry of Labor, Chen Shuhui, deputy mayor of Chiayi City, Liao Yuwei, director of the Health Bureau, and Chen Yihan, director of the Labor and Youth Development Division of the Chiayi County Government, held the unveiling ceremony yesterday.

Wu Weihan, director of the Occupational Medicine Center of St. Martin's Hospital, said that the hospital joined the occupational injury diagnosis and treatment network organization in 2008, opened an occupational injury clinic, integrated medical resources in the hospital, reported occupational injuries across specialties and departments, provided diagnosis and treatment, medical rehabilitation, Integrated services such as functional rehabilitation and related referral resources, formulate a gradual return to work plan for workers, and assist employers in matching workers appropriately.

Wu Weihan pointed out that from 2017 to 2022, the Occupational Medical Center has served more than 1,700 occupational accident workers. Occupational safety and health are related to the basic right of survival of workers. The hospital has high-quality medical diagnosis and treatment and functional rehabilitation services Internet, workers don't have to worry, accidental injuries can be at ease.